Come Back 5th Grade Kids!


WelCOME BACK Students!

Upcoming Dates and Times:

  • Tuesday, Aug 22, 2023- 8:45 – School Begins! 
    • Remember – You should be there prior to 8:30 to be ready to go for class to begin!
  • Drop Off Details
    • Before 8:20 a.m. – at Gym 
    • After 8:20 a.m. – at 5th grade patio 
  • Pick Up Details – at 5th grade patio 
  • On Tuesday, the first day of school, 5th graders will be greeting the student body with signs and opening car doors. If you can arrive prior to 8:20 to prepare – great! If not, head to the fifth grade room and grab a sign and join your classmates outdoors as the new leaders of the school! 

Supplies to Bring:

  • Everything on your school supply list
  • Creek Shoes – A pair of shoes or boots dedicated solely to being worn in the creek during Deep Dives. They will be left outside on the patio.
  • A towel

And We’re Off!

What a wonderful few days we had at 8 Park Road! At 8:15 a.m. on Wednesday morning, some of this years’ campus leaders dropped their bags in the gym, and proudly stepped into the limelight beneath the mural as they readied to open car doors and greet our younger students. The excitement on everyones face as they trickled back to campus was a sight to behold. Later that day, we embarked on a scavenger hunt that had us exploring various parts of campus and our classroom. The rain didn’t stop us from doing a quick temperature check of the creek and testing out the new playground equipment.

On Thursday, we played a wide array of ‘Minute To Win It’ games where we worked together in teams as we focused on effective strategies of collaboration and communication. The following day, we organized our cubbies, wrote notes to our classmates, and read stories aloud together as we prepare for the official start of school on Tuesday. In between the preparations for the year ahead, we enjoyed the playground and the pleasure of coming back into the room without mulch and dirt on our shoes!

Time was also spent making posters that we will use to welcome the student body on the first day of school. This group is proud to be in the fifth grade, and are determined to be role models on our campus. During those amazing conversations, an idea was born! Your fifth graders plan to place themselves around the loop and on the playground, welcoming and greeting students to campus on the first day. If you are able to bring your child to campus prior to 8:20, We will get together and place ourselves around campus with our signs and WCDS apparel to welcome new students back with a smiling face. Please feel no pressure to arrive any earlier than 8:20, and wherever you are able to drop your child off, they can join us outside. If they do not wish to participate, that is certainly fine as well and we can remain in the classroom and begin their day. Please note that every other day, they are to get dropped off at the gym prior to 8:20 a.m. 

We are excited to see everyone on Tuesday and please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns you may have!