2nd grade in the Sun!




Monday, September 4th – No School

Tuesday, September 5th- 10am start

Tuesday, September 12th- 6:30 Parent Night 

What a great first week back! We spent time getting comfortable in our new spaces and catching up with friends.  It’s always so special to see how excited the kiddos are to be back on campus with their friends.  

This week we decorated our classroom and belongings to make our space feel like home!  We went book shopping and enjoyed reading with friends.  We started our first writing assignment by sharing things we did over the summer. We’re eager to see their stories come to life!  In math we warmed up our brains with some math games. Ask your kiddos to play the game Garbage, it has been quite the hit! All you need is a deck of cards.  In addition, we made our first recipe in Kids in the Kitchen. They LOVED the guacamole!  

The colorful popsicle/bandana party was a great close to the week. We’re gearing up for our first full week. Have a great weekend!

Carly and Laura