Learn in Color!


Important dates/notes:

No school Monday, September 4th

10:00 am start Tuesday, September 5th

Hello 3rd grade families!

We can’t believe that we have found ourselves at the beginning of yet another school year! Hopefully your summer was filled to the brim with fun, family, and wonderful memories. As new third graders, we spent time getting to know one another, connecting with old/new friends,and soaking up the sunshine.

To kick the year off, we read the book “The World Needs Who You Were Made to be” by Joanna Gaines. This story shares how kids work and learn differently. Throughout the story, it shows a group of kids leaning into their own talents to work together to build their own hot air balloons. We even drew and colored our very own hot air balloons to fill the sky with color! Not only did they craft their own balloon, but they also made the 3rd grade classroom rules for the year! After reading “Miss Nelson is Missing” students partnered and shared their ideas for good behavior choices. Lastly, we did time capsules. This is where your child wrote their favorites, traced his/her hand, drew a self-portrait, and more. We will do this again at the end of the year to compare how much they have grown academically, personally, and physically!

Third grade was also introduced to one of their deep dives this week, Zoology. Next week they will start the deep dive: History of National Parks. Both deep dives are lead by us, Miss Hanna and Mrs. Buck.

Last but not least is this year in third grade we have the pleasure of a student teacher joining us from Bethany College. Miss Alissa Blackstone will be here three days a week this semester and after winter break she will be joining us all five days.  We are very excited to have her work alongside us. The kiddos love her already.

We are so excited to be back and share learning experiences with your kiddos! 

Contact us both if you have any questions this school year:

hwilliams@wcdsedu.com  & pbuck@wcdsedu.com 

Have a great weekend!

Hanna, Paula, and Alissa