Upcoming dates:

September 4th- Labor Day(No Classes)

September 5th- Classes Resume at 10 am

September 12- Middle School Parent Night 5:00

September 22nd- Early Dismissal (11:30)

Update for Art w/ Mr. K– Welcome back! We did some drawing exercises in art to get back into a creative flow and dust the cobwebs out of their minds. This semester, we will be focusing on 2D work using a variety of mediums. Would the fabulous parents of middle school be able to pick up a sketchbook 5×7 or bigger for their child? Thanks, and have a great weekend!

We are having an amazing time at the Science Adventure School. The kids have been beyond amazing at trying new things and going with the flow. They are having a blast playing team-building games, learning to ride BMX bikes, and learning about tree science. Last night we had a gulley washer of a storm, and the kids were the best sports as we took shelter in the bathhouse. They just continued being kids and played games until the storm passed. I have been super proud and impressed, and I’ll be sad to leave this evening. Mrs. Shah will be arriving this evening to finish out the trip with them. (I apologize for some of the pictures being incorrectly oriented, but I’m out of time to figure out how to correct them! )