Another Colorful Week!



Monday, September 4th – No School

Tuesday, September 5th – 10am start

Tuesday, September 12th – 6:30 Parent Night 

Wednesday, September 20th – 9:00 Field Trip 

An additional reminder we want to clarify is any snack or drink info your children may have spoken to you about. We ask them to only keep water in the water bottles that they keep on their tables. Other drinks are welcome during lunchtime. This helps with spills and lessens the sticky mess on our carpet and table tops. We also encourage healthy snack options.

Another great week in the books! We started off with reviewing the -ng sound and the kiddos learned about open and closed syllables.  We are working hard to complete our summer writing.  The kiddos are learning how to edit a rough draft as well as conference with a friend.  We played charades in order to practice with nouns.  In math, we discussed and practiced all the different strategies to complete addition problems.  By the end of the week, we were taking a closer look at ten partners.

During kids in the kitchen, we made pesto pasta fresh from the garden! Almost every single kiddo loved it and had several helpings! We are really proud of their willingness to try new things! 

***Our space deep dive is really taking off! We have learned all about the sun, seasons, and orbital paths!  We will be taking a field trip to the Challenger Center on Wheeling University’s campus on September 20th. We are looking for parent drivers to drop us off at 9:00 and pick us back up at 12:00.  If you are interested, please reach out to us!***

Have a great holiday weekend!