7th Grade Newsletter

Important Dates

September 4th- Labor Day(No Classes)

September 5th- Classes Resume at 10 am

September 12- Middle School Parent Night 5:00

September 22nd- Early Dismissal (11:30)

Week #2 is in the books! The students seem eager to be back and socializing/learning with their peers. The wheel is greased from week #1, and the schedule seems to be flowing seamlessly (almost). There was a looming excitement with roller skating being on Friday, birthdays, and a long weekend!

Pre-Algebra w/ Mrs. Boldrick – Integers was the name of the game this week. The students learned and practiced how to add, subtract, and multiply integers. They learned the rules for making their answers positive or negative. Next week we will continue with integers using division and follow up with a review of all four operations.

Algebra w/ Mrs. Murray – We began work in our textbooks and workbooks this week.  We reviewed different types of numbers (real numbers, integers, decimals, etc).  We then performed operations with numbers including decimals and fractions.  It was a good review for us, and the students were able to remember what they had learned in previous classes.  Friday we made our own acronym for PEDMAS.  Ask your child what they came up with.

Art w/Mr. K – Welcome back! We did some drawing exercises in art to get back into a creative flow and dust the cobwebs out of their minds. This semester, we will be focusing on 2D work using a variety of mediums. Would the fabulous parents of middle school be able to pick up a sketchbook 5×7 or bigger for their child? Thanks, and have a great weekend!

Music w/ Mrs. Chelsey – We started a review of basic music notation, and began making flashcards to use. We explored rhythm through the game “Pass the beat around the room” and a bit of body percussion to the song “Believer”.

Science w/ Mrs. Farris – Questions in class have sparked 7th grade to learning more about characteristics of life. What does it take for an organism to survive? While all living organisms desire the “WANTS” many have adapted to survive without them. Our comparison of Earth and Mars led us on a fun journey to determine if an extremophile could possibly survive in Mars atmosphere.