8th Grade News


Important Dates

September 4th- Labor Day(No Classes)

September 5th- Classes Resume at 10 am

September 12- Middle School Parent Night 5:00

September 22nd- Early Dismissal (11:30)

Hi Everyone! It’s hard to believe this group is finally 8th graders. I could not be more grateful to have spent the past few years with them. I am so excited to enjoy every learning opportunity alongside these (gulp) young adults this year. Many of you probably logged on to look for last week’s newsletter and did not see it. It’s me hi, I’m the problem it’s me. In all of the excitement of celebrating a two year old’s birthday, I forgot to upload.

The 8th grade is off and running, studying migration in deep dive, exploring the scientific method with Doc Mallow, and reconnecting with Mr. Rouse in English. I’ve included some blurbs from each teacher below.

A note from Mrs. Murray about Algebra: We began the week with some ice breakers on Tuesday.  The Class reviewed evaluating expressions and order of operations mid-week.  We ended the week with a lesson about just how much is a million.  Ask you students what they remember from the story and grains of rice activity.

A note from Mrs. McFadden and Mr. Jividen about Deep Dive: Deep It’s been an exciting week. Students discussed the motivations for migration, both historically and in modern times. We explored the idea of “push” and “pull” factors. We also did some activities surrounding resources and boundaries, to better understand a complex issue.

A note from Mr. K about Art: Welcome back! We did some drawing exercises in art to get back into a creative flow and dust the cobwebs out of their minds. This semester, we will be focusing on 2D work using a variety of mediums. Would the fabulous parents of middle school be able to pick up a sketchbook 5×7 or bigger for their child? Thanks, and have a great weekend!

A note from Doc Mallow about Biology: We discussed what “science” is, and the steps and application  of the Scientific Method.