Be Kind Be Safe

Upcoming Dates and Announcements:

  • If you are buying hot lunch for your child or need before or aftercare services, please be sure to sign up via Praxi. 
  • No school Monday, September 4th- Labor Day
  • Classes resume Tuesday, September 5th at 10:00 a.m.

The first FULL week of school was a blast in Junior Kindergarten! The students collaborated on their first project. After reading, Our Class is a Family by Shannon Olsonand, they created their classroom pledge, Be Kind and Be Safe. The children spent time discussing ways to be helpful throughout the school day and came up with some great ideas:

Pierce: “Me and Miss Gina holding hands.” 

Winston: “Using the slide safe.” 

Gemma: “Swinging normal.” 

Isaac: “This is me helping a little boy up, he was riding down the street on a vacuum cleaner.” 

Regina: “Help people try again.” 

Mia: “Giving someone their water bottle back.”

We also had a surprise special guest stop by to say hello, Officer John, our campus resource officer! He will stop by from time to time so the students will become familiar with him. He taught the class three steps to help calm their bodies when they become mad or sad. Stop, take a deep breath, and count to five. He ended the visit with a promise pledge, “I promise to be kind, I promise to be safe.”  Then he gave each student a promise pledge sticker. 

We also read the book, My Mouth Is a Volcano by Julia Cook. In the story, the author takes us on a journey with a little boy who has trouble waiting his turn to talk, and his mouth erupts like a volcano. Then each student had the chance to pour vinegar into a volcano filled with baking soda, we all know what happened next!! 

Charlie: “Wow and an explosion.”

Bradley: “Oh my.” 

During our orientation, each family had the opportunity to design a wooden person to represent their own child, which are amazing! This week the kiddos were invited to design their own special person. Many of the children picked their Mommies. Stop in on Friday morning to see the new additions added to our block center!

A dab of paint here a dab of paint there, the JK crew is starting a beautiful outdoor space to call their own. We painted a skid to spruce up the place.

Next week, please send in a bag/box of a favorite snack item for trail mix (pretzels, raisins, m&m’s, cereal,  etc.). We will be mixing them all together to create our own “Friendship Mix” on Friday. 

Have a wonderful long weekend!