Spotlight on First


Important Dates:

Monday, September 4th – No School

Tuesday, September 5th- 10am start

WOW! We had an amazing week in first grade!

We began our FUN reading centers and can’t wait to practice our independent learning. Being able to complete a task from start to finish independently is a skill we practice all year long. We also began Writing Workshop and started our first personal narratives! Our stories will remain at school with a big reveal at the end of the first trimester! It was all about snakes on Friday, that is the math game called “Snakes”. Ask your child what happens when you roll the number 7!

During our daily morning meeting, we cover a variety of skills- counting on, money, before and after, time, place value, predictions, graphing, yoga and breathing strategies… and the list goes on! We even discussed a secret strategy for /au/ and /aw/. Ask your child if they can tell you what these letters say when they get together!

We hope you have a great holiday weekend!