7th Grade Newsletter


In typical September fashion, we learned whilst summer made one more desperate flourish. Aside from a few complaints (expected of teenagers), students took the heat in stride and had another fantastic week. It’s hard to believe we’re wrapping up week #3! Don’t blink! The holidays will be rolling in before long.

  • English w/ Mr. Rouse- Students are making great progress in their reading of The Giver. The book has sparked some interesting discussions regarding the state of the real world versus the dystopia- and what they envision to be an ideal society.  
  • Algebra w/ Mrs. Murray-In Algebra, we covered operations with integer exponents, order of operations, and a quick overview of scientific notation.  Friday, we had place value activities with skittles, and dice. 
  • Music w/ Mrs. Chelsey – This week the students presented their “Soundtrack of my life” songs, and it was great hearing the songs they chose and why!
  • Art w/Mr. K – Welcome back! We did some drawing exercises in art to get back into a creative flow and dust the cobwebs out of their minds. This semester, we will be focusing on 2D work using a variety of mediums. Would the fabulous parents of middle school be able to pick up a sketchbook 5×7 or bigger for their child? Thanks, and have a great weekend!
  • Science w/ Mrs. Farris – This week students discovered the six characteristics of life through a lab activity. Students made observations on three dry samples using all senses except taste. Then, we added water and repeated. Observations noted by students, “It smells awful,” “Wow, check out the bubbles,” This one is still bubbling”. They were challenged to use the 6 characteristics they learned to determine which was alive.