SK Can and Will Do It

Upcoming Dates and Announcements:

  • Miss Maddie sent home a video permission slip. If you could please fill it out, front and back, and send it back in as soon as possible we’d greatly appreciate it!
  • Friday, September 22nd- 11:30 am dismissal
  • Wednesday, September 27th- Picture Day for SK
    School Picture Day is approaching! The oldest child of each family received a paper copy of this form, but we’re also attaching it here as a PDF. Please let us know if you have any questions.
  • Thursday, October 5th- WCDS Grandparents Day In Color! (more details to come)

“Hey, this looks like something you use to smash potatoes.” -Teddy
“I’m using these to build a city.”- Caison
“Look at these bricks I made.” -Miles
“You can cut play dough with scissors?!” -Adelaide

These are just a sample of the comments that the students made as we continued our mark-making explorations this week. This time we took it to something other than a type of paper. Using play dough, Gelli Baff, and colored sand, the students were invited to explore these sensory materials with some common household items. The potato masher helped make “bits of play dough candy”, the combs made “rows for seeds in a sand field”, and wiggly fingers swirled and twirled lines in the Gelli Baff. The students blew us away with their openness and desire to make new discoveries. The use of authentic materials in our classroom gives the students a chance to learn how to handle items with care and to trust their own capabilities.

When we weren’t exploring with our hands this week, we were creating a classroom pledge. Inspired by the book KINDergarten by Vera Ahhiya, the class created SK CAN DO IT! Thought of and written by the students, this pledge helps us remember all the things that we can do together to make our days at school safe, fun, and full of kindness. During our phonics portion of the day we added another letter and sound to our phonics toolboxes, Tt! Before we know it, we will be using our letters and sounds to form words, becoming tremendous readers and writers. Speaking of writing, we also introduced one of our favorite writing components… Writer’s Workshop! In this initial introduction the students were given “mini” papers and were asked to draw a picture of something about school. It could be their favorite part, something they enjoy doing, or something they’d like to do. They were then asked to explain their drawings to us and we took note of what they said. The drawings and dictations were far more impressive than we thought they’d be.

“I made KINDERgarten with some kids, a teacher, and the sun.” -Athena
“I drawed Maddie and me holding hands and we’re running in the hot hot mulch and the sun is really close to us” -Dempsey
“This is Tapey on the blocks.” -Hazel
“I made the gym with me and Emilio playing a basketball game.” -Palmer

We love how the students are starting to shine bright in their explorations and learning. We know it is only going to get better!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Miss Claire and Miss Tylar