We Stick Together!

Upcoming Dates and Announcements:

  • If you are buying hot lunch for your child or need before or aftercare services, please be sure to sign up via Praxi. 
  • Parent Partnership Meetings on Zoom 
  • September 22nd 11:30 dismissal for all students 
  • School picture day is approaching! The oldest child of each family received a paper copy of this form, but we’re also attaching it here. Please let us know if you have any questions.
  • Grandparents Day, October 5th more details to follow

Junior Kindergarten had a week full of feelings, friendship, and celebrating differences. Stick and Stone by Beth Ferry and Tom Lichtenheld shares the story of Stick and Stone- two friends “sticking” together, standing up for each other, and helping each other out. After listening to the story, the children ventured out to  collect sticks, stones, and pinecones and used their nature finds to act out the story. Our math centers this week used sticks and stones to form numbers. 

The themes of teamwork and creativity in Scribble Stone by Diane Alber, linspired the class to turn their stone collection into feeling stones. The children painted stones and will illustrate each stone with an emotion. The stones will be used in the classroom for the kids to help express their feelings to their teachers and each other. 

Junior Kindergarten is full of detectives! This week our little investigators were on the hunt for letters- in newspapers, books, and all around the classroom, then recording their findings on paper, in journals, and on whiteboards. It was an excited and busy discussion, here is tidbit of the reports: 

“It’s blue and the letter C.”

“I spy! “

“We’re letter detectives.”

“I found letters up here.” 

“I made all kind of R’s.”

All friends are special and add in someway to the richness of life- how we think what we say. A rainbow of friends is a dream we can share where everyone’s treated with kindness and care.A Rainbow of Friends by P.K.Hallinan, is a celebration of what makes children different and special. The variety of snacks sent in for our friendship mix helped illustrate the uniqueness of the class. One by one, the children added an ingredient to the big mixing bowl (symbolizing our classroom) and saw how all of their differences  work together to create something special.

Have a wonderful weekend!

-Miss Erica and Miss Gina