August slipped away into a moment in time


Upcoming Dates
September 12- Middle School Parent Night 5:00

September 22nd- Early Dismissal (11:30)

October 6- Early Dismissal 11:30

Another week down and another subtle Taylor Swift reference in the newsletter. You can stop pretending like you didn’t see it, Mr. Kalcum. We had a great week in 8th grade. I am proud of this eighth grade class for creating a welcoming environment this year. I have seen many eighth graders go out of their way to help our new students. Below are some blurbs from their teachers.

English w/ Mr. Rouse- The students really seem to be enjoying I Must Betray You by Ruta Sepetys. We’ve had some very interesting and deep discussions about Romania in the 80-90s, and discussion has raised questions about society in general. We’ve had the luxury of getting historical perspective with dashes of betrayal, suspense, and romance. We also wrapped up Thesis Practice #2 with an intro paragraph on dog adoption. For their Deep Dive, students will need to pick up a copy of the graphic novel, When Stars Are Scattered by Victoria Jamieson and Omar Mohamed.St

Algebra w/ Mrs. Murray-In algebra, we covered operations with integer exponents, order of operations, and a quick overview of scientific notation.  Friday, we had place value activities with skittles, and dice. 

Deep Dive w/ Mr. Jividen and Mrs. McFadden- Mrs. McFadden put on a show this week as she took the lead. Students have already begun to think through their exhibition projects.

Music w/ Mrs. Chelsey – This week we continued our exploration of rhythm with another round of “pass the beat around the room”. To review music notation fundamentals, we made flashcards and the students broke off into small groups to work on figuring out beats on their own.

Art w/Mr. K – Welcome back! We did some drawing exercises in art to get back into a creative flow and dust the cobwebs out of their minds. This semester, we will be focusing on 2D work using a variety of mediums. Would the fabulous parents of middle school be able to pick up a sketchbook 5×7 or bigger for their child? Thanks, and have a great weekend!