Be Who YOU Are

Upcoming Dates and Announcement

Parent-Teacher Partnership Meetings are next week.
If you have not signed up for one yet, please do so here. Unless otherwise specified, we will see you on Zoom during your scheduled time. You can find our Zoom link here.

Friday, September 22nd – 11:30am Dismissal – There will be aftercare from 11:30-3:00. Please be sure to pack your child a cold lunch
Thursday, October 5th – Grandparent’s/Special Person’s Day
Friday, October 6th – 11:30am Dismissal
October 7th-9th – Fall Long Weekend, No School
Tuesday, October 10th – 10:00am Start

Our school is so much more than just a building. After reading the book My school is More than a Building by Kelley Donner we had a discussion about all the things that make it such.
“Because it has a T.V.” – Teddy
“Because we do stuff here.”- Athena
“We have toys here.”- Tucker
“The kids.”- Grady
These are just a few of the qualities that make our school so much more than just a building. The story mentioned that their school was a part of a community which led us to believe that our school is too. What is a community, you may ask? In the words of Hazel, “It’s a place where people group up”. We couldn’t have described it better ourselves. The book also helped us to conclude that our school isn’t just a part of a local community, but a GLOBAL community, too. What’s a global community?!
“It’s a ball”- Parker
“The whole earth”-Caison
“The whole world… The whole GALAXY”- Teddy
We are beginning discover the connection between ourselves and the world around us which has got our gears turning! We cannot wait to continue to expand on these discoveries as our weeks continue. Inspired by the illustrations of Todd Parr’s classic book “Be Who You Are” our kiddos tried their hand at making their first self portraits of the year and because this group is so pet loving, of course our loving animal family members made an appearance too! We will continue to build on these next week.

In math we introduced ten frames! This group blew us away with their ability to use a ten frame. So much so that we bumped it up to TWO ten frames in just one day! That’s TWENTY frames total!!! Everyone enjoyed filling the frames with bingo chips as well as writing the numbers that we flashed before them. Our number sense and recognition is getting better and better each day.

We’re really getting into the swing of things around here and we know it’s only going to get better!

Have a great weekend,

Miss Tylar, Miss Claire, and Miss Maddie