Dinosaurs and Treasures

Upcoming Dates and Announcements

  • Please remember to bring your child’s rain boots if you still need to. 
  • Parent Partnership Meetings on Zoom 
  • September 22nd 11:30 dismissal for all students. We will have aftercare from 11:30-3:00 Parents will need to pack a lunch.
  • Wednesday, September 28th- Say Cheese…Preschool- SK Picture Day! The oldest child of each family received a paper copy of this form, but we’re also attaching it here as a PDF. Please let us know if you have any questions
  • Grandparents Day, October 5th more details to follow

Happy Saturday Families,

Dinosaur Bones found in our outdoor space?? Yep, you read that right! A group of Junior Kindergarteners launched their first study, Dinosaurs! During our morning snack, parts of a dinosaur were brought to life as the children handed sticks, rocks, and tree bark to their teachers. 

Griffin “We found a dinosaur bone! We found another dinosaur bone. It’s a T Rex’s nose!”   

Isaac “I have a great idea we can paint the dinosaur bone. Then we can display it in the classroom.”      

Pierce “We can put a camera on it. Here’s the teeth.”

Jackson “Dinos don’t exist.”

Regina “They don’t anymore. We can put glitter and glue. Don’t forget these claws.  And here’s a toenail and another toe!”

Hudson “This is his arm. The rock is the tongue. Eyes too. The belly! And here’s some hair!”

Charlie “I found more bones!”  

 The group of paleontologists assembled and glued their findings into one-of-a-kind dinosaurs. As the children constructed their dinosaurs the conversations grew with excitement and curiosity.

Savannah “This is his back I’m not chopping you I’m nice I’m super strong.”

Bradley “He has lots of feet and toes.” 

Gemma “These are the little tootsies.’ 

Cora “This piece goes here like a puzzle making pizza for the dinosaurs. It’s not ready yet.”

Charlie “I’m gonna make the trex I made the trex he has a really long neck, I can’t seem to find a head, I can make my dinosaur can fly.”

Hudson “This goes right here, it’s the shin and the knee, I found  toes, I got the tail.” 

Isaac “The excavator needs to dig them up, the excavation can begin!” 

Joanna “I have the mouth these are the beak.”

Griffin “This is the skill part the beaks pointy.”

Regina “This dinosaur flies and eats plants this part the wing.”

Caston “Body legs and it has a heart.”

Dermot  “I got the hands, ours is a short one, how fast does it run in 100 feet.”

Roman “This is the piece of the foot, you can’t get me, I’m too heavy, I’m strong, he’s super dangerous.”

Jackson “This is the horns, it’s a snake attacking it, it has two tails, it’s a dino monster, he’s eating Burger King.” 

Rowan “He’s eating grass, I’m building the water and the food, these are two good ones.”

Dinosaurs became the topic in all areas of study this week. With help from the book First Encyclopedia Dinos, by Sarah Phillips the children learned fun facts about dinosaurs. In the area of math the children compared the sizes of a triceratops, a diplodous, and a T-rex to our classroom space by watching Miss Gina and some friends demonstrate the length of these ginormous creatures. 

After a few days of listening to the children chant, “We need to dig, everyone! We need everyone! Everyone come and dig!” Our outdoor space has transformed into an excavation site. By midweek the children transitioned into detectives, seeking and finding all different types of “treasures.” From paint stains on the carpet to magical wands the children were delighted at what they could find.

Next week we are excited to see where their curiosity takes us!! Have a great weekend, see you all Monday.