Five Full Days – Now it’s Friday!

  • Parent Partnership Meetings begin next week! Zoom links will be sent out soon. 
  • Students should bring in their ingredients for the dough for Culture class on Monday.  
  • Next Friday, September 22nd – 11:30 dismissal for the entire school
  • Monday, September 25th- Picture Day! The oldest child of each family received a paper copy of this form and should be in their yellow folder or click the Picture Day link above to access a .pdf. 
  • Internship Interview Day!! – September 29, 2023. Today students practiced handshakes, eye contact, and greetings!
  • Thursday, October 5th- Grandparents Day/Special Persons Day! More info to come!

AIMSWEB- We took a math and reading assessment this week. This will give us a baseline on how your child is doing compared to the national average. We are happy to share findings at our conference. 

Wheeling University Observers- We have two wonderful college students coming to help in our classroom to gain 20 hours of preservice teaching practice. 


This week, students were introduced to the rules of adding decimals, and continued our practice on comparing and ordering them. We spent time working on white boards and with task cards to hone our skills. Students have a review practice packet they are to work on into next week while we complete our Aimsweb testing. Next week we will continue on with our decimal work as we begin to subtract, multiply, and divide them!


Continuing to read and discuss No Talking, our class novel

– Please check your child’s yellow folder for weekly assignments (celebrate the good, challenge them to be more careful)

First spelling test on Friday! 


Students were introduced to a topography map to determine slope. An activity to mark tributaries and create their own town led them to “seeing” how watersheds can impact development of an area. We then discussed potential negative impacts – littering, agriculture (manure), spills (pollution), etc. To do our part to keep our watershed healthy, we picked up several grocery bags full of litter from our campus all the way to Peterson!


What’s your favorite playground you’ve ever been to? What makes it unique? Is there something you would change? Questions like these guided our exploration as students perused playgrounds and parks across the country. The goal was clear – identify what distinguishes one from another and prevents a playground from being “just another”. This research will conclude Monday before we dive into the next phases, including purchasing/budgeting and design elements.