Preschool Makes Their Mark!

Upcoming Dates and Announcements:

  • Friday, September 22nd- 11:30 dismissal for the entire school
  • Parent Partnership Meetings will be held Friday, September 22nd- Thursday, September 28th.  These meetings are an excellent time to check in and see how the school year is going.  These Meetings can be in person or on Zoom.  Click here to schedule a meeting with the preschool teachers.
  • Wednesday, September 28th- Say Cheese…Preschool- SK Picture Day! The oldest child of each family received a paper copy of this form, but we’re also attaching it here as a PDF. Please let us know if you have any questions.
  • Thursday, October 5th- Grandparents Day!
  • Family Photos: If you have not done so yet, we are asking that each student bring in a family photo that we will have on display in the classroom!
  • If your child is an extended-day student, please send a rest blanket that will be kept in their backpack.
  • We have friends with allergies and are a nut-free classroom. 
  • Beforecare is available in the gym from 7:30- 8:20 and aftercare from 3:30-5:00.
  • Teacher Email:,,

Hello Preschool Families!

J.K. Rowling said “When in doubt, go to the library”. Preschool did just that this week! The children received their very own library card, but it was missing two things … their name and their face! They were given a new art medium to explore with, colored pencils, to draw their self portrait! We read the story “Lola at the Library” written by Anna McQuinn. In the story Lola and her mommy visit the Library every Tuesday, (Preschool will visit every Wednesday) and she learns that while there are some important rules to follow, like having a quiet voice, she discovers that the stories inside the books don’t have to be quiet. Her imagination leads to a buzzing machine or a chomping dinosaur! Just like Lola, your children were immediately immersed in their book of choice as they excitedly lost themselves in each turning of the pages! They learned that in a library the card in the back of a book is the borrowing card and that you must return the books for other friends to borrow! We also talked about how we should treat our books! RESPECT is the key word!

This week Preschool also celebrated Dot Day! Inspired by Peter H. Reynold’s story “The Dot”. Dot Day celebrates the impact of bravely being creative, being a kind human and seeing something in something before it ever exists! Dot Day reminds us that a simple gesture, a creative thought or a kind word can “splatter” and make the world a better place, a more COLORFUL place! The kiddos have been learning to navigate a new world of friendships, rules, routines, creativity and feelings, so as a reminder to each of them about the mark they are already making on this world, we thought what better way to represent this other than to make their own mark on their very own dot! The students were given cardboard dots of various sizes. From there they were given an assortment of art materials such as sharpies, glue, bingo dobbers, sequins, round gems, paint in which they could dip corks, paper towel rolls, cotton balls, basically anything that could make a dot! Just like in the story we asked them to “make a mark and a see where it takes you”. We watched as one simple dot became so much more as they spread their creativity across the cardboard, just as their words, actions and thoughts do every day! These dots will hang from our ceiling to be a constant reminder that every day is a new day, a day to learn something new and a chance to make it the best day YET!

We hope you celebrate the inspiration and creativity that is your child this weekend!

Miss Arden, Miss Meredith & Miss Airry