September Salutations!


Important dates/notes:

  • It’s time for parent partnership meetings! We would love to sit down with you and discuss your child’s progress! These meetings can be held via Zoom or in person. Please sign up for one of the following times and mark how you will be attending-use this link to sign up
  • Friday, September 22, 11:30 Dismissal
  • Monday, September 25th – Picture Day! The oldest child of each family received a paper copy of this form, but we’re also attaching it here as a PDF. Please let us know if you have any questions.
  • Thursday, October 5th- Grandparents Day (Special Friends Day)

Hello Families!

We had such a wonderful full week of learning here in 3rd grade. The kiddos enjoyed spending time together and soaking up the cool fresh air. In math we amped up rounding by seeking the nearest hundred. Students used a variety of methods to figure out how to decide whether a number rounds up or down. Ask your child to draw a picture of their favorite model for rounding!  For ELA, the kiddos were introduced to three new sounds! The sounds were /wr/, /gn/, and /kn/. This is known as beginning silent letters! We practiced throughout the week so the students were not tricked with what sound to use! Ask your child about the plug and chug method for spelling. Our reading concept this week was all about PIE! Oh wait…We meant to say the author’s purpose! PIE was the acronym taught for the kiddos to learn the 3 types of reasons an author writes a story (persuade, inform, entertain). For grammar, the students were introduced to adverbs and adjectives. They played the game Monster Match with Alissa! Each group had to give describing adjectives to her so she could re-create the monster! We wrapped up parts of speech by categorizing each part into a color to make a beautiful portrait! And of course, we learned a new letter in cursive, lowercase a.

Deep dives this week continued to focus on National Parks and Zoology. We watched a brief video that explained the development of National Parks and learned that Yellowstone was the first one! The students shared their favorite features that really “make” a National Park. As a followup activity, pairs of students worked to create their ideal park.  In Zoology, can you guess what vertebrate class we studied? Here are some clues: They have dry, scaly skin, are cold blooded, and lay soft leathery eggs. If you guessed REPTILES, you’re correct. Ask your kiddo what cool facts they learned!

Many thanks to those who were able to join us for Parent Night. We hope you enjoyed spending time exploring what 3rd Grade is like here at WCDS! 

Please tag us both via email and/or Talking Points if you have any questions or concerns this school year:  & 

Have a great weekend! 

Hanna, Paula, and Alissa