Seriously, who doesn’t like chili?


Upcoming Dates

9/22 Early Dismissal

9/27Middle School Picture Day

10/5 Grandparents Day

You can plan for a change in weather and time… It’s beginning to feel like fall on our at campus at Wheeling Park. I have learned so much from lunchtime conversations with the 8th grade. Your children have some very controversial (and frankly incorrect) food takes. Chili is a staple in the fall. It’s delicious. Peanut Butter is amazing. Finally, don’t get me started on what was said about bacon…

Class Updates

Algebra w/ Mrs. Murray-In Algebra, we reviewed properties of real numbers, and writing and evaluating algebraic expressions.  We completed our aims web testing.  Friday we worked on an assignment called “Do you want to be a Millionaire?”

Music w/ Mrs. Chelsey – This week we added in two challenging rhythms, “tumi-ti” and “syn-co-pa”(ask them what notes these represent;). The students broke off into new groups to work on figuring out a given beat pattern on their own, and then presented them to the class.

Deep Dive with Mr. Jividen and Mrs. McFadden- 7th and 8th grade students worked together to pass a citizenship test (barely)! Later in the week, they studied current events related to immigration. After answer four key questions, they shared with the entire class. We are currently brainstorming exhibition ideas