Line Scribble and Trace!

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Parent Partnership Meetings: We have enjoyed meeting with you to discuss your child’s progress thus far. We will continue our conversations next week on Tuesday and Thursday. Thank you for your cooperation.

Wednesday, September 28th- Say Cheese…Preschool- SK Picture Day! The oldest child of each family received a paper copy of this form, but we’re also attaching it here as a PDF. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thursday, October 5th- Grandparents Day!

  • Family Photos: If you have not done so yet, we are asking that each student bring in a family photo that we will have on display in the classroom!
  • If your child is an extended-day student, please send a rest blanket that will be kept in their backpack.
  • We have friends with allergies and are a nut-free classroom. 
  • Beforecare is available in the gym from 7:30- 8:20 and aftercare from 3:30-5:00.
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Dear Preschool families,

Our week started with a story titled Line and Scribble by Debora Vogrig. The fun illustrations showed us how lines go straight and scribbles how they wonder on the paper. With our information from the story we set out to trace lines and scribble designs on large pieces of butcher paper. The children were invited to use three types of art medium- colored pencils, oil pastels, and markers. Then they followed directions as to what medium they were using at a given time. For example, ” please use a colored pencil to trace a line.” We were so impressed with the children’s ability to follow directions and work together as a team. Way to Go Preschool!! We are proud of you!!

Mirror Mirror on the Preschool Wall… One of our favorite provocation is to introduce the children’s self- portraits through activities, songs, and stories. We are excited to add a self-portrait drawing each month to be on display in the classroom. It will be so fun to witness the progression through out the school year.

To wrap up the week, we explored Lines in Art class with Miss Liz. We explored what kind of lines we saw from objects in and around the classroom. Here are a few answers:

Mylah “a measuring stick”

Kipton- “a picture”

Scarlett- “a lamp, “night light”

Forrest-“a leaf”

Aubrey-“the flag”

Dax- “it’s not a hammock, it’s a banner


Parker- “the lines on the ceiling”

Happy Fall! Enjoy the weekend!

Miss Arden Miss Meredith & Miss Airry