A Wonder-full Week

Upcoming Dates and Announcements

  • Wednesday, September 27th- Say Cheese…Preschool- SK Picture Day! The oldest child of each family received a paper copy of this form, but we’re also attaching it here as a PDF. Please let us know if you have any questions
  • Thursday October 5th Grandparents Day 8:30-10:30
  • Friday October 6th- 11:30 a.m. dismissal
  • October 7th-9th Fall Long Weekend, No School
  • Tuesday October 10th, classes resume with a 10 a.m. start

Hello Junior Kindergarten Families!

 We have noticed our little ones have an inherent love for exploration and a thrill for discovering hidden treasures. 

In art class this week, We read the story My Treasure: A Book of Joy. The children were encouraged to explore the concept of joy and identify the things that bring them happiness. The children brought their ideas to life on paper, illustrating what their treasure chests would contain.

What Joy would you put in your treasure chest?

“A beautiful rainbow and a gem”- Charlie 

“A horsey, bubbles and my family.”- Bradley 

“Green dollar, gold coins, a string of brown and a string of purple and a circle and square orange”.- Isaac

“Umm playing video games.” – Dermot

“The lines are gems, those are diamonds, and these are shiny rainbows”.- Savannah

“Coins, little leaves, and I don’t what else, maybe my baby doll stuff, American girl stuff!”               – Gemma 

“Purple bubbles  because I’m painting purple.” -Joanna

“I wanna make a cat. My mom and dad and my brother Noah because I can pick him up.” -Jackson

“It looks like a rainbow or something.” -Caston

“ In a pool playing.” -Winston

Further exploring the concept of treasure, we introduced the children to model magic and asked them to create a treasure they would like to find. Their little hands got right to work molding and shaping the material to create moons, snowmen, pokemon, coins, diamonds, game controllers, and many other creative treasures! 

Inspired by the book Wonder Walkers,  JK embarked on a wonderful journey beyond the classroom. We crossed the creek and ventured into the big field to explore the natural wonders surrounding our school. We “wondered” if we could climb the trees, hide in the trees, and move branches- we could,  we did, and we had a blast!

  “I wonder…. What is over there?” led us to an unexpected discovery, orbees in the field! The children enjoyed playing and squishing their rainboots in the pool of orbees, we wondered how many were there and estimated thousands! 

We initiated a discussion about an empty box and encouraged the children to explore their ideas and imagination as we brainstormed its potential uses. The box has become the center of the dramatic play area. All week the children could be seen and heard playing in and around the box and using the box to create drum beats and thunder sounds. 

“This is our house.” -Griffin

“Box Fort.” -Jackson

“Crazy fort, firehouse.” -Cora

“One time we did this at my house and, we make windows over here and cut the sides, selling food out with it.” -Mia

“Tent, Kitty Cat cage.” -Rowan

“A Trampoline.” -Joanna

“Cave, its thunder, lightning.” -Hudson

“Cave.” -Bradley

“A House, we need to cut a door.” -Regina 

“Its called a secret hideout.”- Pierce

We encouraged the children to think big this week, by asking “What can you make that is this big?”. The question invited the children to use size and measurement. Cups, blocks, wood, etc were lined up and stacked, challenging the children to create larger structures with each attempt.

WCDS Grandparent’s Day is just around the corner! Thursday, October 5th from 8:30-10:30 a.m.,  JK will be welcoming grandparents and honored guests into our classroom. The class has been working on special souvenirs for their visitors. We will be sending an RSVP form home next week. We ask that you indicate on the form if your children will be staying for the remainder of the school day, or if they will be dismissed with a grandparent/ special person.

Your children are the greatest treasure! 

Enjoy your weekend,

Miss Erica and Miss Gina