Tuesday, October 3rd- Picture Makeup Day

Thursday, October 5th – Grandparent’s Day from 12:30-2:30 – please RSVP to us or the office 

Friday, October 6th – 11:30 dismissal

Monday, October 9th – No School

Tuesday, October 10th – 10am start

On Wednesday, October 11th the second grade will be making their first trip of the year to our Northern branch campus.  We went several times last year and loved it so much!  

Here is a reminder of the procedures for pick up and drop off: 

  • Students can be dropped off at the double doors as early as 8:20.  A teacher will be there to greet you!
  • Before care on our campus is still available. If you need us to transport your child, please let us know!
  • The children will need a cold lunch for the day.
  • Dismissal will begin at 3:00.  If they need a ride back to campus for aftercare, please let us know!

A note from Jessica Maxwell:


Thank you so much for allowing me to capture your children at Wheeling Country Day School.  Two years ago we had sweltering heat, last year brought the cold and this year we had the perfect temperature! Finally! I had a blast with them. 

Below you will find the link for photo selections. 


You can navigate to your child’s grade and locate their folder which encloses 2-3 options. Please select the photo you would like printed with your package by using the HEART.  Please only HEART one photo. 

Please note that in order to streamline the process this year, final edits will be made to the photo you select before it is sent to print.  If not already caught, I will fix things like specks of food on their faces or clothes, reflections in glasses, etc. One final note on glasses-if you see a photo of your child without their glasses, you can choose to select it and the glasses will be added in before printing. 

Please make your selections this weekend or by Monday, October 2nd. If you have any questions over the weekend or need to schedule absentee/make-ups please text me stating your child’s name/grade and the question. You can reach me at 740-296-9700.

Make-up day will be this coming Tuesday, October 3rd. 

…and finally our daily happenings!

The students did a great job with magic-e! We will continue to read and spell with the magic-e and start using it in syllable types. Ask your child what “Oh, you lucky duck” means! Next week we are jumping into vowel teams.

In math, we have transitioned from place value to two-digit addition without regrouping.  The kiddos have loved practicing this skill!  Next week we will introduce two-digit subtraction.

Our corn maze stories are coming to a close! The kiddos are going to use their adjective practice and create spooky writings for the month of October.  We also practiced our first Madlib! The kiddos were belly-laughing!

Our space deep dive is coming to a close! They have studied specific planets with their groups as well as sketching and watercolor painting their own planets! They will soon complete their mural and give their presentations to the class!

Have a great weekend!

Laura and Carly