Upcoming Dates and Announcements


Thank you so much for allowing me to capture your children at Wheeling Country Day School.  Two years ago we had sweltering heat, last year brought the cold and this year we had the perfect temperature! Finally! I had a blast with them. 

Below you will find the link for photo selections. 


You can navigate to your child’s grade and locate their folder which encloses 2-3 options. Please select the photo you would like printed with your package by using the STAR.  Please only heart one photo. 

Please note that in order to streamline the process this year, final edits will be made to the photo you select before they are sent to print.  If not already caught, I will fix things like specks of food on their faces or clothes, reflections in glasses etc. One final note on glasses-if you see a photo of your child without their glasses, you can choose to select it and the glasses will be added in before printing. 

Please make your selections this weekend or by Monday, October 2nd. If you have any questions over the weekend or need to schedule absentee/make-ups please text me stating your child’s name/grade and the question. You can reach me at 740-296-9700.

Make-up day will be this coming Tuesday, October 3rd. 

Thank you very much,

Thursday, October 5th –Grandparent’s Day/Special Person’s Day- Be sure to RSVP and let us know if your child will be leaving with their grandparents/special people.
Friday, October 6th – 11:30 am Dismissal, no aftercare
October 7th-9th – Fall Long Weekend, No School
Tuesday, October 10th – 10:00 am start

Good Morning Families,

We’re going on a letter hunt, we’re gonna find lowercase ones and uppercase ones! The Junior Kindergarten kiddos went on a letter adventure with their clipboards in one hand and a partner’s hand in the other. They searched for hidden letters all around campus and practiced writing the letters that they excitedly found.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom will there be enough room?? The children read along with their teachers the classic story about how each letter of the alphabet climbed up the coconut tree and all together shouted, “Oh No” as the letters tumbled to the ground. Then we formed playdough into letters, built letters with lines and curves, and searched for the letters in their names. 

During art class with Miss Liz, the children read the book All About Faces, by La Zoo. They discovered their own facial features and put their artistic ability to work by creating their first self-portrait! 

This week the children also enjoyed exploring fall through their senses. They tasted different types of apples and explored the many scents of the new season through sensory play. Apples, oranges, cinnamon sticks, and glitter were the perfect elements to create fall potions. Our senses celebrated National Coffee Day on Friday by painting with pumpkin spice coffee! Surprisingly no one tried to drink it!   

“It’s good to be curious about many things.” a wise man once said! This is one of many Mr. Roger’s wonderful quotes. Fred’s idea of children being curious and nostalgic Instagram reels inspired us to introduce to the children old household items that we remember as kids. The launch of our Curious Case was filled with a rotary phone, a DVD player, a baking sifter, and many more long-forgotten treasures. The children had curious thoughts about how each item worked. 

Griffin “Is this a real phone a charging station.”

Regina “That’s a phone number 1,2,3. Calling Hudson! Calling Griffin!”

Dermot “It keeps turning around.” 

Ronan “No it’s a phone. Watch Griffin call me. Pretend I call you!”

Joanna “It moves up and down.”

Isaac “Guys I’m gonna call you.”

Mia “A pencil sharpener, it’s a tire.”

Pierce “This is a real button, hold this in and it will work. Wow look it rings this one to that one let’s see. It’s a thousand pounds!”

Hudson “It’s a bird cage, a wheel, that balances, you make granola soup.” 

Rowan “How did you do that, Pierce?”

Winston “Call me and see if it works.” 

As the children’s curiosity grows larger our need for unique items will be in demand! The items you think you will never need JK will happily take off your hands.

Enjoy your weekend!