Feeling Like Fall in Fourth!


Important Dates: 

Wednesday, October 4th – 4th Grade Creek Day – Casual Dress

Thursday, October 5th – Grandparents Day, 4th Grade 12:30 – 2:30 pm

Friday, October 6th – Early Dismissal, 11:30 am, NO AFTERCARE

Fall Long Weekend October 7 – 9

Classes Resume – Tuesday, October 10, 10:00 am

Thank you for making time in your busy schedules to meet with us these last two weeks. Please reach out if you have any lingering questions or concerns. 

It’s finally feeling like fall in fourth grade! This week we prepared for our next novel study… Holes! Some students have expressed that they have either watched the movie or read the book which is okay. We have asked them to hold onto their knowledge and not spoil it for the rest of their peers. This novel study will involve nightly homework. Your students will be provided with a packet to keep until Friday containing their different assignments. This is great practice for executive functioning as well! Spelling tests were amazing this week! We will move from homophones to adverbs and encourage students to practice at home even if there is not a written assignment for that night. In Government, students have been divided into different committees to begin writing their first bill. Ask your student what improvements they are aiming to make for our school! We have reached out to our local government officials to discuss the process with students so if you have any connections or experience we’d love to hear from you.

In brainology, we discussed short-term vs long-term memory while the children participated in a short-term memory game. We also discussed a couple of healthy brain tips: 1)Turn off screens a couple of hours before bedtime. 2) Fourth graders should try to get 10 hours of sleep each night. Finally, we talked about how we can often learn much more from our mistakes than we can from our successes. 

The students are improving their subtraction with regrouping skills. They are gaining confidence and feel proud as they complete their work. Next week, we’ll continue to work on subtraction and learn how to borrow across zeros. We’ve finished learning about the different types of figurative language and will continue to write and practice the different styles. 

We are gearing up for Grandparent’s Day which will be on Thursday, October 5th. The event will be from 12:30 – 2:30 pm. Please note that the times are different if you have a child in the early childhood grades (Preschool to 1st grade). This event is meant for a special person in your child’s life. The day is not limited to grandparents. It can be aunts, uncles, friends, or parents. Any “special people” are welcome. To help us plan accordingly, RSVP by September 29 to office@wcdsedu.com or to your child’s teacher with the names of all the special people who will be visiting that day. We look forward to a vibrant day celebrating the special people in your child’s life.  If you have any questions or need further information, please don’t hesitate to contact the school office at 304-232-2430.


Thank you so much for allowing me to capture your children at Wheeling Country Day School.  Two years ago we had sweltering heat, last year brought the cold and this year we had the perfect temperature! Finally! I had a blast with them. 

Below you will find the link for photo selections. 


You can navigate to your child’s grade and locate their folder which encloses 2-3 options. Please select the photo you would like printed with your package by using the STAR.  Please only HEART one photo. 

Please note that in order to streamline the process this year, final edits will be made to the photo you select before they are sent to print.  If not already caught, I will fix things like specks of food on their faces or clothes, reflections in glasses etc. One final note on glasses-if you see a photo of your child without their  glasses, you can choose to select it and the glasses will be added in before printing. 

Please make your selections this weekend or by Monday October 2nd. If you have any questions over the weekend or need to schedule absentee/make-ups please text me stating your child’s name/grade and the question. You can reach me at 740-296-9700.

Make-up day will be this coming Tuesday  October 3rd. 

Thank you very much,

Quick Reminders:

  • Please continue to check your child’s yellow folder and remove anything from the “Keep at Home” side. Also, have your child look at their agenda page each evening to check for homework or any reminders.
  • At the end of Grandparent’s Day, your child can go home with their special person when we finish at 2:30 pm or stay for the usual dismissal time or aftercare.
  • Next Friday, October 6 we dismiss at 11:30 am. There is NO AFTERCARE.
  • After Fall Break, classes resume on Tuesday, October 10. Please note the late start time at 10:00 am.
  • Casual dress and creek shoes are needed for our creek day on Wednesday, 10/4.