Grandparents and Special People Make Everything… Special

Upcoming Dates and Announcements:
October 7th-9th – Fall Long Weekend, No School
Tuesday, October 10th – 10:00 am start
Tuesday, October 10th – Scholastic book orders due
*Now that we are underway with the year, we wanted to open up a chance for you to order some great new books through the Scholastic Book Club. Every dollar that you spend adds points to our class account, which helps us get new books for the classroom. 
Our class page is here: 
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Tuesday, October 31st – Fall Festival!
*PS -1st grade parents are invited to join us on our WCDS campus. The event will take place in the morning. Mark your calendars! (More information to come) 
School Photo Reminder:
*Please choose your 1 photo by Sunday evening. If there is not a photo chosen, Jessi will be forced to choose so printing can begin. For picture makeups, photos are in the corresponding folders. 

The title of this week’s newsletter really says it all. All week the students were busy preparing for our special guests. We read some precious Grandparent stories, such as How to Read to a Grandparent, created some beautiful artwork, then we cooked up some delicious snacks, and ended it with a little campus and classroom clean up. The kiddos were willing and eager to make sure everything was just right for their arrival. When the day finally came it was even more beautiful than we expected. The entire school was filled with so much joy and it’s all because you shared your grandparents and special people with us. Thank you for playing such a key role in making our GP/SP Day such a success.

Even with such a busy week we still found time to learn new things! In phonics we introduced the letter Hh which helped us add some more words to our review section in our notebooks. If you’re up to being amazed, ask your child to tap out the sounds for the word “hat” and “flat”! In math we also took on a new challenge and dove right into the world of 2-D shapes. After reading When a Line Bends… A Shape Begins, the students were inspired to see what shapes they could make out of lines… or… pipe cleaners! They came up with lots of ovals and circles (that turned into goggles and glasses) as well as some tricky triangles and “squiggly” squares. Almost every student agreed that the octagon was the most complex of them all, but that didn’t stop them from trying! We will continue to explore all things shapes next week.

We could not be more proud of this crew. With each passing day they are all becoming more confident, bright, and marvelous learners. What better way to #LearnInColor than with this beautiful bunch!!

Have a great LONG weekend,
Miss Tylar, Miss Claire, & Miss Maddie