All We Need is Love…. and a Soft Pillow

Upcoming Dates and Announcements:

  • Fall Break October 7th-9th. No School. School will resume at 10 a.m. on Tuesday October 10th.
  • School Photo Reminder:
    • Please choose your 1 photo by Sunday evening. If there is not a photo chosen, Jessi will be forced to choose so printing can begin. 
  • October 31st- Fall Festival!
    • PS -1st grade parents are invited to join us on our WCDS campus. The event will take place in the morning. Mark your calendars! (More information to come)

Hello JK Families, 

One of the focal points of our week was the expansion of our identity circles, beautifully displayed throughout the room.  Inside the circle are the children’s self-portraits. This week we added our names. The children used their fine motor skills to carefully trace the letters of their names with glue and attached the provided loose parts to assemble and decorate their names. They also added personalized CDS to the circles. The children designed the back cover of CDs and added their unique signatures to the back, showcasing their artistic flair with a personal touch. 

In preparation for Grandparents Day and the start of the fall season, pumpkins were brought into the classroom and the children engaged in a hands-on activity opening them and exploring the ooey-gooey contents. The children enjoyed playing  with the pumpkin seeds and pulp. The pumpkins became festive centerpieces for Grandparent’s Day.

We welcomed grandparents to our classroom this week. It was a heartwarming experience for both the children and their grandparents. Together, we read the story All We Need is Love and a Soft Pillow, which emphasized the importance of love and family. Following the story, we engaged in a hands-on activity where the children and special guests decorated white pumpkins with flowers, leaves, and markers. The children had a blast expressing their creativity and working collaboratively with their grandparents. Our visitors enjoyed participating in drama with Mr. Alex. The children and adults were prompted to brainstorm and dramatize the many uses of an empty toilet paper roll. They also made animal sounds together (we even had a giraffe!).  

It was a wonderful experience welcoming your children’s grandparents and special guests to the WCDS campus and our classroom. The children loved sharing their learning space, spending extra time with their loved ones,  and creating meaningful classroom connections. Thank you for helping to make the day a success. 

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and fall break. See you on Tuesday at 10 a.m.! 

Warm regards,

Miss Erica and Miss Gina