“When you are young, they assume you know nothing”


October 7th-9th – Fall Long Weekend, No School
Tuesday, October 10th – 10:00 am start

Tuesday, October 10th – 8th Grade Meet at Airport at 12:00 pm for Seacamp Trip

Friday, October 27th – 7pm – 10pm – Middle School Halloween Bash

October 31st- Fall Festival

It’s hard to believe that Florida is right around the corner. I am excited for our students to create memories that will last a lifetime. I also wanted to pass on information about this year’s fall festival. For the first time, 6th – 8th grade parents are invited to join us for our Halloween Parade and Festivities at our Wheeling Park Branch Campus.  The fun will begin around 1:00. More Information to come!

  • English w/ Mr. Rouse- Students wrapped up I Must Betray You and another unit of vocabulary. Safe travels and have fun next week!
  • Deep Dive w/ Mr. Jividen and Mrs. McFadden- The superior teach took the lead this week, as Mrs. McFadden began reading, When The Stars are Scattered. The graphic novel focuses on Somali refugees and the obstacles that they encounter. 
  • Music w/ Mrs. Chelsey – This week the students experienced a Sound Bath, which is an improvised “concert” using non-traditional instruments that emit frequencies and tones that our brain waves responsible for relaxation entrain to. They then started researching given ideas and themes that pertain to a sound bath, so that they can understand what is actually going on, before starting to learn some of the instruments themselves.
  • Art w/Mr. K: Art class is the best, if you read this, it’s true. The first project we focused on was mask and shading and how to create depth in an image. I was impressed with what was created and believed I broke the fear of adding pressure to create dark areas. Right now, we are focused on making shoes based on candy, and I would buy them if they were online!