6th Grade News 10/7/23


October 2nd-6th 

– School Photo Reminder:

Please choose your 1 photo by Sunday evening. If there is not a photo chosen, Jessi will be forced to choose so printing can begin. 

For picture makeups, photos are in the corresponding folders. 

6th – 8th parents are invited to join us for our Halloween Parade and Festivities at our Wheeling Park Branch Campus.  The fun will begin around 1:00. All parents are invited to come join us! (More information to come.) 

Important Dates:

October 7th-9th – Fall Long Weekend, No School
Tuesday, October 10th – 10:00 am start

Friday, October 27th – 7pm – 10pm – Middle School Halloween Bash

October 31st- Fall Festival

6th Grade Newsletter

  • English w/ Mrs. McFadden On Fiday we said good bye to our student teacher Ms. G. Everyone enjoyed learning more about mythology with her, and many students are ready to start the second book in the Percy Jackson series. Students completed their original myths, and attempted to use vivid imagry and literary devices to add interest and depth to their stories. This week we will begin free choice reading. If your child would like to bring a book from home, they should do so for tomorrow. If not we have many books to choose from in our classroom library.
  • Foundations of Pre-Algebra w/ Mrs. Murray-
  • Deep Dive w/ Mr. K and Mr. Rouse: 6th grade continues to learn about social media and its pros/cons. They are opening up more about who they are and how they can describe more of their identity. We are slowly moving on to creating visual pieces that represent social media and identity. Mr.Rouse is crushing it, working on the poetry piece and getting them to dig a little deeper into how to express themselves with words. 
  • Music w/Mrs. Chelsey – We started class Wednesday by listening to our choral piece “Sisi Ni Moja” (it means “we are one” in swahili) that we will begin to learn next week! Students composed their own 4 bar/4 beat rhythms, and we ended the day Friday with a round of the game “pass the beat around the room”.
  • Art w/Mr. K:Art class is the best, if you read this, it’s true. The first project we focused on was mask and shading and how to create depth in an image. I was impressed with what was created and believed I broke the fear of adding pressure to create dark areas. Right now, we are focused on making shoes based on candy, and I would buy them if they were online!
  • Science w/ Mrs. Farris – This week students concluded rockwool was the best growing media out of rice hulls and clay pellets for germination. Students discovered what rockwool is, how it’s made and the 3 steps to plant in rockwool. If you are at Oglebayfest this weekend, have your child stop by my family’s booth for a “pop quiz” on rockwool. Students that can explain the connection between rockwool and cotton candy will get a free bag.