Mindfulness Journey

Upcoming dates and Announcements:

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October 20th: Nicky’s Garden Center at 10:00 a.m.

If you will be attending with your child, you and your child can meet us directly at Nicky’s at 10:00 a.m. on Friday. If your child needs a ride, they can come to school at the regular time and will be transported to Nicky’s. Please provide a car seat. If you are willing to drive other children, you must have a current background check with the school office. 

Following the field trip, your child may leave Nicky’s with you for the day or return to school until their dismissal time. 

October 31st – Fall Family Fest

 Haven’t you always wished that there was a field day in the Fall?  A chance to hang out with your kids, their teachers, and fellow parents and enjoy the changing leaves around campus?  Us too!  So, we decided to make it happen with Fall Family Fest.  The WCDS Inaugural Fall Family Fest will be held on October 31st from 9:30-11:00 for PS-1st grades. The event will begin with a costume parade around our big loop at 9:30, led by our grand marshal, Ms. H, and Raegan Moore, the winner of the Grand Marshal auction prize. Your children should come dressed in costumes. You can drop your child off at the regular time and enjoy coffee in the gym with your fellow parents while you wait for the parade to begin. The children will rotate with their classes through four different stations from 10:00 – 11:00. You are welcome to take your child home after the festivities end around 11:00, or they can return to their classrooms for the remainder of the day. If your child plans to stay for the rest of the day, please send a change of clothes.

We look forward to seeing you all for our first Fall Family Fest! 

November 3rd- No School (ISACS conference) 

Important JK Announcement

Miss Erica has been presented with a new opportunity outside of Wheeling Country Day School and has decided to take the position. While we will certainly miss her, we wish Miss Erica all the best in her new endeavor and look forward to still seeing her on campus during aftercare and as a substitute. Beginning Monday, October 23, Miss Liz will return to the Junior Kindergarten classroom as a co-teacher alongside Miss Gina, so we won’t miss a beat!  

Hello Families,

As John Lennon said, “All We Need Is Love”, and in this short week of the Junior Kindergarten class, we focused on how we make others feel, how our bodies feel, and how our feelings can change throughout the day. We read the story, The Boy with Big, Big Feelings, by Brittney Winn Lee. Following the story, we gave the children a flower to hold to observe. This allowed the children to be present and mindful of the objects in their hands. Some of the observations included: 

“It has like bendy petals.” -Isaac

“ It has little circles in the middle.” -Bradley

“It feels smooth and soft.” -Regina 

“What’s the big thing right here?” -Hudson 

“That’s where it grows.” -Isaac

“Don’t pull it.” -Gemma

“What’s inside of it?” -Hudson

“Smells good.” -Gemma 

“It feels so fresh.” -Savannah

“The pink things look like butterfly wings.” -Griffin

“By the way, this flower is a carnation.” -Miss Gina

“That’s on frozen! She gets carnations!” -Bradley.

We continued our mindfulness journey and asked the children to keep their eyes on the light of an LED candle and concentrate on its movement. The objective was to maintain complete concentration and stillness to focus only on the flickering flame. We then combined these two activities by designing their flower to help demonstrate to the children smelling a flower and blowing out a candle is a great way to take a deep breath.

As we find more ways to be mindful in the classroom and become emotionally aware of our feelings.  We read the story, I Am A Rainbow, by Dolly Parton. To help children understand emotions, she describes each feeling by colors. She ends the story with, “It’s not always up to you, how you feel. But how you act is a different deal.” 

Then, we invited them to identify feelings with colors by mixing paint. This activity provides a hands-on, sensory experience but also reinforces the idea that they can mix colors to create new shades and learn to manage their emotions in different ways. 

Creating a new color is exciting; below are the children’s fun quotes:  

“I wanna make purple.” -Roman

“I’m gonna mix red and yellow together. I’m feeling orange,happy. Usually my happiness is the color orange.” -Charlie

“Happy. Pink. Pink makes me happy.’ -Cora 

“Rainbow. If you have red you’re angry. If you have orange you’re sad.” -Rowan

“All the colors, blue means happy.” – Mia 

“Rainbow, happy, pink, purple, is happy too.” -Joanna
“Blue is feeling sad. I am making orange.” – Caston

“A little bit sad, maybe orange. Red is mad.” Dermot

“A rainbow. When I see a rainbow, I’m happy.” -Jackson

“Happy. Brown.” -Winston

Teaching children to recognize and label their emotions is important in our JK classroom. This helps them understand their feelings and why they feel like they do. This is the first step to being successful in any classroom! 

Enjoy your weekend, and see you Monday!!