Second Grade is Branching Out!


Tuesday, October 31st – Fall Festival

2nd – 5th parents are invited to join us for our Halloween Parade and Festivities at our Wheeling Park Branch Campus. The children will be transported to Wheeling Park by bus after lunch and the fun will begin around 1:00. All parents are invited to come join us! You are welcome to take your children from there!

Friday, November 3rd– No School – click here to sign up to be a lunch volunteer – click here to buy WCDS gear from the swag store

The week flew by! Northern was a highlight of the week without a doubt! We started by heading to the library where the kiddos spent an entire hour engulfed in books! We listened to a story, we read to ourselves, and we read with friends.  We definitely took advantage of the endless genres of books our local library had to offer! After a quick snack, we headed to the Grow OV garden.  We picked mini red bell peppers and ate them right off the vine! We collected tomatoes to use for our kids in the kitchen next week. We made an interactive food pyramid to hang on the wall at Northern.  We made the trek to the playground where we giggled and played hide and seek tag. It was a great day for everyone! We love having such an awesome space to take our learning on the road!

We learned a new vowel team this week and spent time practicing using our Elkonin chips! The kiddos are wrapping up their Halloween stories and we will begin memoirs very soon! 

In math, we learned how to use the opposite operation in order to check our work.  Then we stepped it up a notch and had to solve for the missing number. Next week we will jump into patterns!

All of the kiddos finished their space presentations! We are proud of their bravery in getting up in front of the class and reciting facts about their planet! We are now heading into the ocean!

Have a great weekend!

Carly and Laura