Third Grade Made Their Mark at Wheeling Park!


Important dates/notes:

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  • Friday, October 20th Oglebay Good Zoo (Return completed permission slip by Wed., Oct. 18)
    •  Parents will need to drop their child off at the Good Zoo between 8:20 – 8:45 AM
    •  Students will need to be picked up by 2:45PM. We know this is earlier than usual, but the zoo will be getting ready for Boo at the Zoo and we need to depart by then. 
    •  If your child needs before and/or after school care, they can be transported by a teacher to and from the zoo! If your child is before care, please have them on main campus by/before 8:00 AM & If your child is in aftercare, they will be back on main campus after 3:00PM.
    • Students will need to bring a packed lunch, a drink, and two snacks. They may dress casually for the day/appropriate for weather.
  • Tuesday, October 31st Fall Family Fest: Haven’t you always wished that there was a field day in the Fall? A chance to come hang out with your kids, their teachers, and fellow parents and enjoy the changing leaves around campus?  Us too!  So we decided to make it happen with Fall Family Fest.  The WCDS Inaugural Fall Family Fest will be held on October 31st from 1:20-3:00 for 2nd-8th grades. After lunch, children can change into costumes before boarding a bus to our Wheeling Park Branch Campus. If your child can wear their costume to school without distracting their learning, they are welcome to wear it in the morning. We will do two bus trips to transport the children to the park. Parents, please join us for an afternoon of fun at the middle school branch campus anytime after 1:00.  We will begin our parade around the pool as soon as the children arrive at the park led by our grand marshal’s Ms. H and Maddie Kirchner, the winner of the Grand Marshal auction prize. Then, the children will rotate through different stations with their classmates. 

Hello Families!!

In math we continued finding differences with subtraction. The students really worked their brains to the max when subtracting across zeros! They were introduced to a new “trick” called the Magic Box where they isolate digits in a box, and then replace the digits with one less than.  In ELA this week, the kiddos continued to learn more about morphology. Morphology deals with prefixes, base words, and suffixes. This week, we mainly focused on base/root words and prefixes. Students disassembled unknown words, isolated the meaning of each part, and then formed a definition for the whole word. Kiddos were also encouraged to “read around” the unfamiliar words by using context clues. In grammar, we dove into irregular nouns and how they get special spellings. Next week, we will continue with irregular nouns and context clues!

In zoology this week, we moved onto a new class of vertebrates. They are warm-blooded, covered with feathers, and most of them can fly. Yes, birds! Ask for a new or fun fact about one of our feathered friends. National Parks took on a local flavor as we explored our Wheeling Park campus to finish working on and placing RocksAnne the Snake! We had so much fun painting rocks and listening to interesting facts about the history of Wheeling Park. If your family is ever at WP, make sure to add a rock. RocksAnne is located by the pond/mini golf station.

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See you Monday! Hanna, Paula, and Alissa