Autumn Adventures

Upcoming Dates and Announcements:

  • October 31st – Fall Family Fest Haven’t you always wished that there was a field day in the Fall?  A chance to hang out with your kids, their teachers, and fellow parents and enjoy the changing leaves around campus?  Us too!  So, we decided to make it happen with Fall Family Fest.  The WCDS Inaugural Fall Family Fest will be held on October 31st from 9:30-11:00 for PS-1st grades. The event will begin with a costume parade around our big loop at 9:30, led by our grand marshal, Ms. H, and Raegan Moore, the winner of the Grand Marshal auction prize. Your children should come dressed in costumes. You can drop your child off at the regular time and enjoy coffee in the gym with your fellow parents while you wait for the parade to begin. The children will rotate with their classes through four different stations from 10:00 – 11:00. You are welcome to take your child home after the festivities end around 11:00, or they can return to their classrooms for the remainder of the day. If your child plans to stay for the rest of the day, please send a change of clothes.
  • November 3rd- No School (ISACS conference)

Hello Families,

This week, we delved into the sensory delights of the season. From the earthy scent of mushrooms to the smooth skin of squash, pumpkins in all shapes, colors and sizes, we freely explored these autumnal treasures using our five senses. Our exploration of the textures and sights of fall led us to create still art inspired by the season. 

In Reading, language and literacy this week, we added the letter ‘Hh’ to our sound bank, joining the ranks of ‘a,’ ‘b,’ ‘t,’ ‘l,’ and ‘f.’ Together, we brainstormed a bounty of ‘H’ words and constructed sentences using our Hh ideas: Hudson hikes with horses high on a hilltop. Holly has hippie hair for Halloween.

We had a wonderful experience at our first field trip to Nicky’s Garden Center. We read the story Red Are the Apples and learned about the process of  apple cider-making.  We got the chance to participate in the process by taking turns turning the wheel of the apple press. The highlight was definitely tasting our efforts and sampling the delicious cider. We enjoyed getting our hands dirty by planting a spider plant in a festive planter. The children even received their first homework assignment ever- to “water” their spider with four ice cubes once per week. The children got to choose a pumpkin to take home. The trip concluded with some time spent playing on Nicky’s swing set, complete with a slide and playhouse. Thank you Nicky’s for having us and Thank you parents for helping it go off without a hitch.

It is with mixed emotions that I bid farewell as your child’s classroom teacher. The children surprised me with cupcakes and we shared a sweet treat on our last full day together. I will dearly miss each and every one of them. I look forward to seeing them on campus when I am here for aftercare or as a substitute. I have already promised them to visit! Rest assured your children are in capable hands and their learning adventures will continue as normal as we welcome Miss Liz back to JK.

Thank you for entrusting your children to me ❤️

Goodbyes are just see you laters in disquise,

-Miss Erica