Presentations, Public Speaking, and Playgrounds!


Upcoming Dates:

  • October 31 – Haunted House and Fall Festival! Parents are invited to join us for our Halloween Parade and Festivities at our Wheeling Park Branch Campus at 1:00 pm. More details below!
    • We are requesting any donations of leftover or used Halloween decorations you may have at home. The fifth grade in charge of this year’s Haunted House on main campus for 1st-4th grade students the morning of Halloween. We are making a haunted house and maze in the community room for each student to traverse. Lights, skeletons, fake spiderwebs, bats, etc. are all appreciated. 
  • November 3 – No school. Teachers to ISACS conference. 

Important Reminders:

  • As the weather gets colder, remember that students at WCDS are outside almost daily and should have hats, gloves, and jackets in their bag. As we say, there is no bad weather, just bad clothing choices! 
  • Please refrain from sending your child to school with milky drinks or smoothies in the mornings. We have a carpeted classroom and desks on wheels. We have already had a handful of hot chocolates and breakfast smoothies get soaked into the carpet. Students are permitted, and encouraged, to have a water bottle with plain water, and two healthy (protein) snacks per day. Eating breakfast prior to school is also important, as we do not have a snack until sometimes 10-10:30 a.m. 


If your child has not discussed this with you yet, our class rearranged their assigned day for Car Duty. Please let us know if this day does not work for you. As a reminder, students are encouraged to arrive at 8:20 on their day to help faculty and classmates open car doors and escort our younger students to class. 

Monday – Frankie, Maggie, Isaac

Tuesday – Lincoln, Rosey, Ella, Jadon

Wednesday – Emma, Addison, Brynn

Thursday – Johnny, Cara, Korinne

Friday – Adley, Deklen, Taylor 


Haven’t you always wished that there was a field day in the Fall?  A chance to come hang out with your kids, their teachers, and fellow parents and enjoy the changing leaves around campus?  Us too!  So we decided to make it happen with Fall Family Fest.  The WCDS Inaugural Fall Family Fest will be held on October 31st from 1:20-3:00 for 2nd-8th grades.

After lunch, children can change into costumes before boarding a bus to our Wheeling Park Branch Campus. If your child can wear part of their costume to school without distracting their learning, they are welcome to wear it in the morning. We will do two bus trips to transport the children to the park. 

Parents, please join us for an afternoon of fun at the middle school branch campus anytime after 1:00.  We will begin our parade around the pool as soon as the children arrive at the park led by our grand marshal’s Ms. H and Maddie Kirchner, the winner of the Grand Marshal auction prize. Then, the children will rotate through different stations with their classmates. 


Students are learning and practicing how to multiply decimals on paper. We are currently multiplying decimals by decimals, and will be learning where and how we use this in the real world next week. As students continue to practice the process, they are learning that one simple missed 1×1 multiplication fact can throw off the entire problem. Encourage your child to continue practicing their math fluency when they have some free time. 

Language Arts:

finished our literature circles on Andrew Clements books

– groups presented slide show to the class to show what we learned about our novel

–  writing fiction stories for the Awesome Author contest at the Ohio County Library

Creek Side Deep Dive:

A visual demonstration of the freshwater on Earth left students surprised by how little fresh water there is. A fun activity followed where students were split into 3 groups and invited to take candy. “Don’t take it all”, “Wait, there’s a catch!” The “catch” was understanding if we abuse our renewable resources, it could have a negative impact.  Students became aware of ways to conserve water and created shrinky dink key changes to help visualize how we can “shrink” our water footprint. 

Playgrounds and Parks:

Presentations have taken a little bit longer than we thought, which is a great thing, since the students are asking so many questions, and learning so much from one another. We will wrap up our remaining few on Monday and transition into the second part of our unit from there. I am proud of the hard work and the professionalism all of the students have displayed during their presentations.


Students had their second internship period on Friday, October 20th. Each student reported to their assignment, and was put right to work. The faculty around school are grateful for their help, and have said that they are all excited and willing to lend an extra hand. As we continue to reflect on their skills and lessons learned, encourage your child to talk about their experience as it pertains to working for, and helping, others!