Week Full of Fun!


Important dates/notes:

  • Tuesday, October 31st Fall Family Fest: Haven’t you always wished that there was a field day in the Fall? A chance to come hang out with your kids, their teachers, and fellow parents and enjoy the changing leaves around campus?  Us too!  So we decided to make it happen with Fall Family Fest.  The WCDS Inaugural Fall Family Fest will be held on October 31st from 1:20-3:00 for 2nd-8th grades. After lunch, children can change into costumes before boarding a bus to our Wheeling Park Branch Campus. If your child can wear their costume to school without distracting their learning, they are welcome to wear it in the morning. We will do two bus trips to transport the children to the park. Parents, please join us for an afternoon of fun at the middle school branch campus anytime after 1:00.  We will begin our parade around the pool as soon as the children arrive at the park led by our grand marshal’s Ms. H and Maddie Kirchner, the winner of the Grand Marshal auction prize. Then, the children will rotate through different stations with their classmates.
  • Friday, November 3rd – No School due to Faculty Conference

Hello Families!

What a wild and wonderful week! In math we joined forces with language arts to write word problems!  Students were able to choose an operation, characters, scenario, and math lingo to create an original word problem.  In ELA this week, the kiddos continued to expand on morphology. This week we focused on the new root /pel/ and /puls/ and suffixes -tion, sion, ion and -ive.  Students isolated the word parts, figured out the meaning of each part, and then wrote definitions. In grammar, we continued working on irregular nouns and wrapped up the unit by playing a fun matching game that Miss Alissa made!

In zoology this week, we moved onto the last class of vertebrates. They are cold-blooded, covered in scales or skin, and must remain in a body of water. Yes, we made a splash with fish this week! Ask your kiddo if they learned any cool new facts! Lastly, we had a blast at the Oglebay Good Zoo! Make sure to check out another post with lots of pictures to see what we did! In our national park deep dive, students continued research for their national park of choice! In a few short weeks the kiddos will be making their own National Park diorama to share with their peers. 

 Please tag us both via email and/or Talking Points if you have any questions or concerns this school year: hwilliams@wcdsedu.com  & pbuck@wcdsedu.com 

See you Monday! 

Hanna, Paula, and Alissa