Leaves are falling!


Tuesday, October 31st – Fall Festival

  • 2nd – 5th parents are invited to join us for our Halloween Parade and Festivities at our Wheeling Park Branch Campus. The children will be transported to Wheeling Park by bus after lunch and the fun will begin around 1:00. All parents are invited to come join us! You are welcome to take your children from there!

Friday, November 3rd– No School

Monday, November 6th– Normal 8:45 start time 

It was a fun week enjoying the last blast of warmth! We raked a leaf pile and jumped in it over and over again.  The kiddos enjoyed searching for ginormous leaves that scatter our playground.  They also really loved playing on the new playground equipment!

In writing we started our memoir writing pieces. Ask your kiddos what memory they chose to write about! We are working in hooking the reader with a good lead as well as telling the story bit by bit with lots of exciting details!

Math took us into the hundreds place where we worked more with place value and expanded form! In reading we started our Flat Stanley book reports! They are very excited for this series.

For our ocean deep dive, we made models to represent the layers of the ocean. We also studied waves and how they connect with our moon.  We are now in the process of studying the different types of habitats and how animals survive in the ocean.

Enjoy your weekend!

Carly and Laura