We’re Out of Our Minds!


Upcoming Dates:

  • October 31 – Haunted House and Fall Festival at 1:00 pm! More details down below!
    • If you have any extra Halloween decorations at home for our Haunted House, we would greatly appreciate it! 
  • November 3 – No school. Teachers to ISACS conference. 
  • November 10 – Bring a buddy and visit WCDS Middle School! Students will be dropped off and picked up at WCDS Middle School Branch Campus. There is a Color Run that same afternoon! More information to come but mark your calendars!

Important Reminders:

  • We ask that computers be charged nightly and should be brought to school every day with a pair of headphones.
  • Students are asked to unpack their yellow folders every weekend and have a clean folder come Monday. 
  • Please email both teachers: kwallace@wcdsedu.com and kkramer@wcdsedu.com 
  • Remember that students at WCDS are outside almost daily and should have hats, gloves, and jackets in their bag. As we say, there is no bad weather, just bad clothing choices! 
  • Students are permitted, and encouraged, to have a water bottle with plain water, and two healthy (protein) snacks per day. Eating breakfast prior to school is also important, as we do not have a snack until 10-10:30 a.m. 


On Tuesday, students are allowed to wear costumes. Our purpose on Tuesday is to be the campus leaders and role models, first by simply hosting the haunted house in the morning. Then a bus will be transporting us to WCDS Middle School at Wheeling Park at lunchtime. We also ask that students DO NOT bring backpacks to school on this day. Drop off in the morning remains the same but all students should be picked up from Wheeling Park Branch Campus at 3:00. Students needing after care will be transported back to main campus and can be picked up from there. Families are to meet us at Wheeling Park at 1:00 pm if they are joining us for the fall festivities! We hope to see you there!


Language Arts:

  • Started a new novel called “Out of My Mind”. Ask your child to tell you about Melody, the main character. 
  • We dropped off our fiction stories for the Ohio County Library contest! Fingers crossed.
  • We introduced a new spelling list on Monday. The spelling test will be on THURSDAY, November 2nd.


  • Wrapped up our unit on multiplying decimals. 
  • We will review long division and how to divide decimals after Halloween. 
  • After that, we will embark on a real world math journey as we experience all the ways decimals are used in our everyday lives and how we manipulate them. 

Playgrounds and Parks Deep Dive:

Students finished their presentations on playgrounds and we got to experience the first round of new playground equipment being installed! As we await for the second piece to be finished, we are embarking on the second half of our unit – the National Park System! We reviewed what makes a park a member of the national park service, and watched videos to select our favorite of the 63 areas of the United States that we plan to research. Next week, we will be visiting the third grades exhibition showcasing their deep dive into the National Park System!  

Creek Side Deep Dive:

After weeks of diving into the creek, we are embracing the colder weather by using this time out of the water to research our favorite thing about creek science. Students were tasked with deciding on a research topic and a question, and are developing their own lesson, activity, or slideshow to teach their classmates about their favorite thing they’ve learned so far. We spent Tuesday and Thursday of this week researching and preparing our lesson.