A Wicked Fun Week!


Monday, November 6th– Normal 8:45 start time 

Friday, November 10th– Color Run and Bring a Friend Day!

  • Our inaugural color run, Run In Color, is happening next week!  On November 10th we will paint the campus and ourselves with all the colors of the rainbow.  Please remember to REGISTER HERE using the Google Form and include each participant (even yourself).  Sponsorship forms and money need to be turned in on November 9th along with the signed waivers.  We can’t wait to Run In Color

Tuesday, November 21st– Early Dismissal

Monday, November 27th– 10am start 

It was a spooky week! We had an awesome time at the Fall Fest! It was a great success for kids and adults alike! The kids were over the moon with excitement and looked great in their costumes.

In phonics we are learning to read and spell words with r-controlled vowels! The kiddos are working hard on their Flat Stanley projects. Several have finished reading the book and are working on their paper bag book report! We are also wrapping up our memoirs in writing.

We busted out the rulers in math! We are looking at different units of measurement. We are also practicing measuring to the quarter inch.  Kiddos enjoyed going around the room ro find items to measure and share with the class.

We did a cool experiment in Deep Dive to demonstrate how fish are able to breathe underwater.  We studied habitats and adaptations throughout the ocean.  The kiddos are very interested!

In honor of Halloween, we talked all about sugar during Kids in the Kitchen! We learned where it comes from and good vs. bad sources of sugar. We also showed the different amounts of sugar in specific types of drinks and candy. Lots of great conversations were had!

Enjoy the long weekend! See you Monday at 8:45!

Carly and Laura