It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

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From the WCDS Office: On Monday, you should receive an email from Asylnn Belancic about Veracross, our new database. This email will provide directions on how to set up an account with Veracross. We will continue using Praxi until we have transitioned all aspects of the school, but we will begin with progress reports for the first trimester. Progress Reports should be available to you in the parent portal in Veracross by Thursday, November 16th. Should you need help logging in after receiving the email on Monday, please email to assist you by phone or attend the parent coffee on Wednesday.

Good morning JK families,

Picture this, it was an easy morning in the JK classroom, when a group of children were drawing together in the art center. Roman showed his illustration to Savannah and said, “I live right here, at this red dot.” A simple conversation about their houses, dentist office, grocery store, and more developed among the class. This led to a group of them illustrating these places in map like form, which sparked the idea to explore their neighborhoods and our greater community in depth. We started by asking them, “what is a community?” and this is what they had to say:

“It’s a group of people that work together.” – Isaac

“People. You can be kind to somebody in a community.”- Hudson

“Houses. It starts with ‘h.’ I can go to my friend’s house.”- Griffin

“People are in a community.”- Bradley

Since the children were drawing maps together, we read Me on the Map by Joan Sweeny and asked for their insight on how maps can help us in everyday life. They had lots of thoughts to share: 

“Maps are to explore.”- Mia

“To find treasure.”- Savannah

“Like a map of the world. It gives you directions”- Isaac

“It’s how you find stuff. You find a sidewalk, and you follow it, and you find your way home.”- Hudson

“If you get lost you can find your way home.”- Gemma 

“Tell you where to walk so you don’t get lost.”- Winston

The children were then asked to build a community using a variety of building materials. They were also given a Google Earth image of their neighborhood and invited to draw it! They loved seeing a bird’s eye view of their house and its surroundings. Here is some commentary as they worked:

“See this dot Jackson, that’s where my house is.” -Dermot

“Do you know what my address is?  “I used to live in West Virginia but now I live in Wheeling.”-Charlie 

“This is the outside of my house, that’s the big porch.” -Rowan 

“Look how my driveway is!” -Cora 

“This is where our jeep is, it’s far away.” -Joanna

“My house is in all the trees. I have a gate to my house. Right by the trampoline.” – Winston

“The trees are big by my house, but a little baby one too.”  That’s daddy truck, it’s in the driveway.”-Mia  

“This is me in the basement. I’m making stuff.” – Caston

“I have a next door neighbor! If you go this way, you’ve made a wrong turn and you have to go back.” – Regina

“I live close to a golf course!” – Hudson

“This is my door and these are my windows.” – Bradley

“That’s the road, and that’s me in my car.” -Savannah

Thank you for sending in a picture of your house! This will be part of our ongoing project. We also asked the children to ask YOU to guide them with directions as you drive home one day. Then, they can take a turn, and try to give your directions as you drive. If you try this challenge, we’d love to hear how it goes!

In Language in Literacy, the class practiced the formation and sound for the letter Ss, and in Math they took on exploring the wonderful world of shapes! We started this study by making the children shape detectives. Shape viewfinders guided the children to seek and find all the shapes in our world both inside our classroom and outside on our campus. They then built shapes on mirrors using loose parts, traced them using repetitive lines of varying colors, practiced their cutting skills to make a variety of shapes, and constructed shapes, on the always popular, overhead projector!

We closed out our week by running through a rainbow of colors! Some of the children couldn’t wait to run, while others were a little hesitant. When all was said and done, our clothes were caked in a kaleidoscope of colors, our mouths hurt from smiling, and our hearts were full heading into the weekend.

What a wonderful week! We can’t wait to see what next week will bring.