New Fall Colors!


Important Dates and Reminders:

**From the WCDS Office: On Monday, you should receive an email from Asylnn Belancic about Veracross, our new database. This email will provide directions on how to set up an account with Veracross. We will continue using Praxi until we have transitioned all aspects of the school, but we will begin with progress reports for the first trimester. Progress Reports should be available to you in the parent portal in Veracross by Thursday, November 16th. Should you need help logging in after receiving the email on Monday, please email to assist you by phone or attend the parent coffee on Wednesday.

**November 15th: 29 Hours of Giving Begins!


 In math we continued multiplication.  The kiddos learned how to apply the commutative property of multiplication to arrays. For example 3×7 and 7×3 cannot be shown with the same array even though they equal the same product. Ask your kiddo for a demonstration of arrays! In ELA this week, we continued to work through new prefixes (ex-, dis-) and root words (tend, tens/tense).  In zoology this week, students worked hard to complete their animal research project. Five facts times 24 students equals 120 amazing animal facts shared! Rawr!! National parks took a new path that led us to Fifth Grade! They are beginning a new deep dive that is also based on National Parks. Our kiddos got to see presentations created by each of the fifth grade students. We had an exciting end to our week with “Bring a Friend Day” and the Color Run. Many thanks to anyone who participated in the Color Run! Also, thanks to all of our friends who were able to visit and spend the day with us!

 Please tag us both when sending emails and/or Talking Points if you have any questions or concerns this school year:  & 

See you Monday morning!  Hanna, Paula, and Alissa