So Much to Be Thankful For

Upcoming Dates and Announcements:

  • November 15th– Parent Coffee at 8:30 and 29 hours begins!
  • Thursday, November 16th- Holiday Scholastic Book Orders Due 
  • Tuesday, November 21-  Thanksgiving luncheon. 12:30 dismissal for the entire school. No aftercare.
  • Wednesday, November 22- Friday, November 25-  No School. Enjoy your break!
  • Monday, November 27- 10:00 start
  • Wednesdays are our library days.  Please return any books your child is finished with on this day.
  • Thursdays are Preschool’s walk your child to class day.  If your schedule allows, feel free to park at the shelter and come join us for our daily discovery time! 
  • We have friends with allergies and are a nut-free classroom. 
  • Beforecare is available in the gym from 7:30- 8:20 and aftercare from 3:30-5:00.
  • Teacher Email:,,  

From the WCDS Office:

On Monday, you should receive an email from Asylnn Belancic about Veracross, our new database. This email will provide directions on how to set up an account with Veracross. We will continue using Praxi until we have transitioned all aspects of the school, but we will begin with progress reports for the first trimester. Progress Reports should be available to you in the parent portal in Veracross by Thursday, November 16th. Should you need help logging in after receiving the email on Monday, please email to assist you by phone or attend the parent coffee on Wednesday.

A Look at Our Week:

“…thank you for the gifts we share.” The book Apple Cake- a Gratitude by Dawn Casey and Genevieve Godbout led to a beautiful discussion with the preschoolers about what being grateful means and what people and things we are all thankful for. 

  • Kipton- Making new friends.
  • Aubrey- I am thankful that my mom always comes back to get me at school.
  • Ollie- my sister(arriving soon!)
  • Forrest- carving pumpkins
  • Sophia- kisses
  • Scarlett- hugs
  • Evelyn- making apple cake
  • Clara- hugs
  • Henry- snow
  • Parker- my mommy
  • Noah- Nana hugs
  • Stylee- flowers
  • Dax- All the really nice things mom does for me.
  • Lola- my family
  • Bodhi- mom hugs
  • Leonardo-  mom
  • Heidi- apples
  • Lucas- hugs
  • Mylah- mommy and daddy
  • Lennon- family
  • Preston- mommy and daddy
  • Emma- Mommy hugs

And, of course, after reading a book entitled Apple Cake, we set out to make our own delicious apple treat.  Using child-sized bamboo knives, the children helped dice up apples to add to a mixture of lemon juice, cinnamon, and sugar.  While the aroma of baked apples filled the classroom, the children worked as a team to clean up.  Washing their utensils, clearing tables, and wiping up, the preschoolers showed us that they are, in fact, wonderful kitchen helpers.  They were so proud to see, smell, and taste(well, most of them!) their culinary creation when it was finished!

Sweep introduced the children to Ed, a gentleman quite grumpy about all the leaves covering the ground.  No matter how much sweeping he did, there were more and more and Ed got grumpier and grumpier…and so did everyone around him.  It wasn’t until he made the choice to find joy in the season that he finally felt happy. We had a great discussion with the children about how we all have a choice to share grumpiness or happiness. Using sandpaper and cotton balls, we asked the kiddos to feel both and compare how they felt.  “The sandpaper is scratchy,” thought Noah.  “It’s hard,” added Emma. “The cotton ball feels like a cat,” declared Heidi. “It’s soft,” said Dax.  Realizing that hurtful words and actions are like sandpaper and kindness is like the cotton ball, the kids all decided they would choose to be cotton balls and even if they feel a little sandpapery at times, as we all do. You can always turn it around and find the cotton ball! “It’s like when you are nice to someone, people will be your friend,” said Aubrey. “I’m being a cottonball,” shared Mylah. Sophia added, “I felt  like a cotton ball when my mommy and daddy helped my boo-boo.” This book inspired a nature exploration in our leaf-covered field and our November leaf-themed self-portraits!