Season of Giving


Important dates/notes:

  • Report cards are now available in Veracross. (Email Aslynn if you have any trouble accessing your account:
  • Tuesday, November 21st– Half day (12:30PM) & NO aftercare! 
  • Monday, November 27th– Classes start @ 10AM


 In math we changed gears to the inverse of multiplication…DIVISION! All week students were introduced to several ways to learn a division problem. The methods are: equal groups, repeated subtraction, and a tally mark system! The fan favorite seems to be equal groups! So ask your kiddo if they can make you a division problem using the equal group method.  In ELA this week, we learned a new suffix (-er). The kiddos learned that this suffix can be used in two different ways. One way is in noun form and the other is in adjective form. We also finished up our literature circles week! They absolutely loved the book Winn-Dixie! We hope to show the movie next week, if not that is a great family movie to watch over break! 

With the first trimester coming to a close, a new one opens! That just means new deep dives are here! This second trimester the students will have STEAM lab and American Inventors! These will be led by us, Miss Hanna and Mrs. Buck! 

Lastly, thank you to you ALL for your support over the past 29 hours! Your generosity is greatly appreciated! 

Video for 29 hours by 3rd grade

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Have a great weekend!  Hanna, Paula, and Alissa