We owe this week to you, parents!


Important Reminders:

Monday, November 20th- 2:30 Faculty Alum Kickball Game

Tuesday, November 21st- Thanksgiving Feast and early dismissal

Monday, November 27th- 10am start

100% PARTICIPATION!!! Wooohooo!!! We would be remiss if we did not thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your participation in 29 hours. How amazing is it to say we ALL came together as an entire school community to support our children? Thank you SO much!

We are really getting into the Thanksgiving spirit around here! The kiddos are working on their turkey writings where they have to explain how they would escape becoming Thanksgiving dinner! In addition, we introduced them to the Gobble Gobble song.. We’re sorry in advance!

We introduced rounding into the hundreds place in math.  The kiddos are now able to round to the nearest tens are hundreds. We are going to start regrouping after Thanksgiving!

We did some baking in KITK! The kiddos made healthy applesauce muffins and they were definitely a hit! We used honey as a natural sweetener opposed to sugar. The kiddos cracked eggs and mixed like crazy!

The kiddos are starting the project portion of the ocean deep dive! They are working in groups to study a specific ocean zone and all the critters that live there.  Eventually they will be given a shoe box in order to create their ocean zone using loose parts!

Have a great weekend!

Carly and Laura