December is here!


Important dates:

Wednesday, December 6th – pajama and board game day! Students may come to school in pajamas or comfortable clothes.  2nd grade is also celebrating by playing board games with each other!

Tuesday, December 19th – Doors to our gym open at 5:30 for the holiday show.  Students should be dropped off at their classroom in their holiday-themed pajamas costume at 5:30 pm.

  • Please practice your child’s ‘Twas the Night part with them nightly.

Wednesday, December 20th – 11:30 dismissal – no aftercare

Thursday, January 4th – classes resume at 10 am

December is already here!  We made sure to bundle up as the weather is getting colder and colder the nearer we get to the winter season.  But the cold couldn’t stop us.  We’ve been reading and writing about what we would do if we were trapped in a snow globe.  The kiddos can’t get enough writing time right now!  We started regrouping in math.  Ask your child how to bundle a ten and where it goes.  Kids in the kitchen was another hit as we mashed up some bananas for a loaf of delicious bread.  Groups are also getting together to study different zones of the ocean and then individually studying animals to share as they create a model of the ocean!  

Have a great weekend!

Carly and Laura