Home Sweet Home

  • All school PJ and Pizza Party!!- Wednesday, December 6th. You can wear PJ’s or casual clothes. Pizza lunch for everyone!
  • Mark your Calendars! Early Childhood Holiday Story Walk: Thursday, December 14th at 6:00- 7:00
  • Wednesday, December 20th 11:30a.m. Dismissal – No Aftercare – Holiday Break!
  • Classes Resume January 4th with a 10:00a.m. start
  • Chilly temperatures call for warmer clothes. Please switch out your child’s change of clothes in their backpack.

Good morning JK families,

Follow the path, go up the stairs, open the door and walk into your house. What do you see? Stairs? The living room? Maybe even an entryway is what welcomes you to your favorite place, home. We read Follow the Line Through the House by Laura Ljungkvist, and asked the children to imagine their dream home. We partnered them up in order to create a room inside our JK house. First we let the teams brainstorm a design plan for their room. Using boxes, the children painted the walls of their rooms and even added wallpaper! They talked about what furniture was needed in each space. What’s in a bathroom, kitchen, living room, or bedroom? After each room is made, we will put them all together to create a giant house! Here is a sampling of the conversations between the children as they planned and constructed their rooms.

The Kitchen -Joanna & Pierce

“Can we pick two colors and can we choose wallpaper too? Pink and dark blue with wallpaper.” -Joanna

“We need a sink, and a fridge and a table and chairs…two ovens.” – Pierce 

“And a stove.” – Joanna 

The Bedroom – Dermot & Charlie

“Blue and Red. A patterned bed…red blue, red blue. And a table. “Dermot

“A rainbow carpet, and a toy basket. – Charlie

“When I’m done with the bedroom, I want to do the basement.” – Dermot

“Then I want to do the attic.” -Charlie

The Dining Room – Rowan & Jackson

“Maybe the curtains are orange, and maybe a white floor with a colorful carpet. The dining table maybe…rainbow.” -Rowan

“White for the background and white for the wallpaper background. The dining room table cloth should have hearts and rainbows.” -Jackson

“At my table I have two chairs and a bench. Well my bench is beside the table like this.” -Jackson

The Guest Bathroom – Griffin & Winston

“We need a toilet, shower, and tub.” -Griffin 

“The sink to wash hands.” -Winston

What color is your bathroom? Dark blue -Griffin 

“It’s white.” -Winston  

“This shiny part is the toilet.” – Griffin

“This is the hanging towel bar. We can put glue in this and we can make it a tub!” – Griffin

You will get to see the finished JK house and read more of the children’s dialogue at our Holiday Family Night on December 14th!

This week in language and literacy we studied the letter Mm. We practiced it’s formation and sound. In Math, the class practiced forming numbers with dough by thinking of them in lines and curves. In science, the kiddos continued to talk about direction and how your location on the earth determines the weather patterns. They conducted two experiments. They recreated a rain cloud using water, sponges, and droppers. They loved watching their “clouds” fill and fill until it began to rain! They also tested out which materials are weather proof.

Friday brought a new month, December! Excitement filled the air as many of the children shared stories of elves visiting their homes. We read the story, There’s No Such Thing As… Elves by Lucy Rowland and Katy Halford. The children loved finding all the hidden elves in the story. Then they were invited to enjoy a variety of North Pole centers, filled with activities fit for elves. Ribbon cutting, package wrapping, tree decorating, ornament making, and letters to Santa.

We can’t wait to share in more holiday cheer next week with your wonderful children!

Have a great weekend,

Miss Liz & Miss Gina