Not Goodbye, but “See you later!”

Upcoming Dates and Announcements:

  • Wednesday, December 6th- Whole School Pizza and Pajama Day! Students are invited to wear their jammies and enjoy a free pizza lunch for achieving 100% Participation during 29 Hours of Giving.
  • Thursday, December 14th at 6:00-7:00 pm – Early Childhood Holiday Night

With eyes full of tears we said “see ya later!” to our dear friend Miss Maddie today. She has left such a positive impression on each of the students and we will all miss her dearly. In preparation for her departure, we spent the beginning of the week creating her a custom book to remember us by. The students loved drawing pictures of their favorite memories with Miss Maddie and writing kind words to send her off with. We know she is going to become a fabulous teacher someday soon!

We are continuing to add new letters and sounds to our phonics toolboxes. With the introduction to a new vowel, i, we are introducing the students to new word families such as -it, -ig, and ip! They are having so much fun sounding out and spelling nonsense and real words. In math we revisited numbers and continued working on our number sheets. The students worked on numbers 13-18 and really focused on the proper formation of them. Of course math would not be as fun without GAMES! We played “Guess What’s Missing” where the students were shown various items then the items were covered and one was removed. The students then had to use their working memory to guess what item was missing. We also played another guessing game where the students were shown various loose parts for a couple seconds then the items were hidden and they had to guess how many items they saw. Both games really got the kiddos gears turning and filled math with non stop laughs and fun!

These authors and illustrators have been hard at work. Each and every book is coming along fabulously. Picture books, nonfiction books, coloring books, flip books, chapter books, AND comic books are all soon to come! We cannot wait for the release party of each one. If you’re lucky, you may even get one autographed!!

Have a great weekend,
Miss Tylar, Miss Claire, and Miss Maddie