• Nex Thursday, December 14th at 6:00- 7:00 : Early Childhood Winter Family Night 
  • The evening will begin in the gym with hot chocolate and a special storytime. You will then tour the early childhood classrooms and enjoy an interactive story walk. Your child can wear festive attire. We can’t wait to share this wonderful night together! 
  • Wednesday, December 20th 11:30a.m. Junior Kindergarten Holiday Party (Party Sign up here) Dismissal – No Aftercare – Holiday Break!
  • Classes Resume January 4th with a 10:00a.m. start
  • Chilly temperatures call for warmer clothes. Please switch out your child’s change of clothes in their backpack.

This week the children observed pictures of their homes and then created them using model magic and paint. It was a wonderful way for them to express their creative side and their attention to detail. To add a charming touch, the children created a winter-themed setting that will serve as the background to their house display. Each child’s house will be featured in our JK neighborhood at our Winter Family Night next Thursday!

Speaking of our family night, lots of preparations are underway for this special event. We read the story Katie and the Big Snow, by Virginia Lee Burton. It’s a wonderful story depicting the wild adventures of winter transportation! The story focuses on a snowstorm and the heroic snow plow, Katie. The story captured the children’s attention as we prepared to create a giant road system in our classroom. Who else would make the cars to travel the winter roads, but the kiddos? The children painted boxes and transformed them into cars. This will provide families with a fun interactive experience.

In Language and Literacy, we practiced writing the letter Rr in sand and on dry-erase boards. They learned the sound it makes, and worked together to produce an “R” sentence, “Roman, Regina, and Rowan, ran with Robby the rabbit.”

In Math, the children used chalk to write the numbers 1-10 on chalkboards and used water and a wet paintbrush to erase the numbers.

In Science, Miss Briteny set a piece of lamented black construction paper outside to catch snowflakes for the children to explore by using a magnifying glass to take a closer look. She explained to the children the formation of snowflakes and how they symmetrically form as they fall from the sky. For a grand finale, they made snow in a jar, using Alka-seltzer, baby oil, water, and glitter.

In music, the children made their own jingle bell instrument for you to enjoy this weekend!!