It’s a Gingerbread Christmas

Upcoming Dates and Announcements:

  • Thursday, December 14th at 6:00- 7:00 : Early Childhood Winter Family Night The evening will begin in the gym with hot chocolate and a special story time. You will then tour the early childhood classrooms and enjoy an interactive story walk. Your child can wear festive attire. We can’t wait to share in this wonderful night together! 
  • Wednesday, December 20th- Preschool Holiday Party.  Sign up here to contribute. 11:30 Dismissal. No Aftercare.  Enjoy your Holiday Break!
  • Thursday, January 4th- 10:00 Start.  Before care is Available.
  • Wednesdays are our library days.  Please return any books your child is finished with on this day. Sign up here to be a Guest Reader!
  • Thursdays are Preschool’s walk your child to class day.  If your schedule allows, feel free to park at the shelter and come join us for our daily discovery time! 
  • We have friends with allergies and are a nut-free classroom. 
  • When it snows: If you have gloves on, you may touch the snow.  If you have boots on, you may walk in the snow. If you have snow pants on, you may play in the snow.
  • Beforecare is available in the gym from 7:30- 8:20 and aftercare from 3:30-5:00.
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A Look at Our Week:

“Pretend! Pretend! Pretend!” we could excitedly hear as we watched the Preschool kiddos bring their ideas to life. As we all know, a cardboard box can truly transform into anything when you have the imagination of a preschooler. Thanks to our friends at The Appliance Connection, we were able to create so many magical structures out of cardboard.  What once housed a refrigerator or washing machine is now anything but. From a “Honey Bee Shop” down to the “Christmas Bobblehead”, the children took their “Purple Prints” from last week and truly brought them to life.  Using paint, pastels, and a little help from the teachers to cut windows or doors, the preschoolers created an ice cream shop, a honey bee shop, a tower, a cat-catching car, a fire, a candy cane, Santa, a bobblehead, a dragon, and… a toilet! We looked around in amazement realizing they had created their own little cardboard “gingerbread” village.

“Run, run as fast as you can.  You can’t catch me. I’m the gingerbread man!” After sharing the classic storybook The Gingerbread Man and Jan Brett’s Gingerbread Christmas with the children, they created their own gingerbread self-portrait.  Carefully tracing their little bodies onto long sheets of paper, their outline became the shape of their gingerbread baby.  Then, we brainstormed over our snack.  What do we need to add to them to truly make them gingerbread boys and girls? “Buttons, glitter, rubber bands, diamonds, feathers, ribbon, stars!” The preschool kiddos knew exactly what they wanted to add the perfect flair to their lifesized gingerbread creations.  

Speaking of self-portraits, we couldn’t let our monthly self-portraits slip by.  After some practice, the children carefully used 3 lines of oil pastel to create their own triangle which became their Christmas tree. The children used springs of pine, pinecones, and green paint to add a pop of color to their triangular trees followed by an ornament with their self-portrait inside. An adorable pajama day pic made this month’s centerpiece truly magical.  

We can’t wait to share the beautiful village they created as well as their gingerbread self-portraits and their December self-portrait with all of you during our winter family night!

See you soon!

Meredith, Airry, and Arden