Hooray for Holidays!

  • Friday December 15Breakfast with the Elves!
    • Fifth grade will dress as elves in their best red and green holiday attire, and play elves for our We-2 program. After the event, Ms. H will take the fifth grade to TJ’s for lunch! WCDS will cover the cost of lunch, but students can bring dollars or quarters to play games. 
  • Tuesday, December 19 – 6:00 pm – WCDS Holiday Show at Main Campus. IMPORTANT DETAILS BELOW.
  • Wednesday, December 20 – Early Dismissal for the Holiday Break, 11:30 AM – NO AFTERCARE.
  • December 21 – January 3 – Holiday Break
  • Thursday, January 4, 2024 – Classes Resume, 10:00 AM – Before care will be available.


SCRIPT HELP – At this point in time, we hope that all students have their lines memorized. This means knowing the lines they are to recite without their script, and also knowing who speaks before them signaling their line. Please help your child practice this important role over the weekend if they have not mastered it. We’re only 10 days away. 

PRACTICES – We will continue to practice on Monday and Wednesday from 3:00-4:00 p.m. Please pencil in a practice on Friday from 3:00-4:00 if we are in need of a rehearsal, especially for our students who are in all acts of the show. Monday, December 18th, we will begin all school dress rehearsals at the end of the school day for younger students, but we ask that the fifth grade remain until 4:00 pm on this day. The night of the show, Tuesday, December 19th, 5th grade students are to arrive no later than 5:15 pm.

COSTUMES – Hopefully by now you and your child have discussed and prepared a costume for the show. If you have any questions or concerns in any way, please do not hesitate to reach out. It is a group effort getting everything sorted but with your help and the extra accessory and prop pieces we will provide, it should be fantastic. Please, do not feel the need to go out and buy something new just for one night! 

Language Arts 

  • Finished our essays on Out of My Mind 
  • Persuasive essay writing begins with our elf essay, where students will explain why they would make the best elf for Santa 
  • Continuing on with our independent reading. Rook reports due before Winter Break.


  • Continued practicing long division 
  • Explored dividing decimals by 10,100, and 1,000 and the relationship between the numbers and decimal place value
  • Students must continue to master their multiplication fluency 

Lego Robotics

We split into partners or groups of three, depending on the team, and decided upon team names while working toward a persuasive letter asking a WCDS faculty member to serve as their coach! Deadline is Monday at 9:00 AM to have emailed Mr. McDonald your letters to print and address! Logos will be designed next week and we’ll continue ramping up the exposure to programming. Students have also begun drawing challenges onto the competition board. Things are really getting exciting!


Officer John talked to the fifth grade about the options they have in life and how to handle peer pressure. Realizing that these situations are closer than they think, it’s important to practice and have answers on how to respond in tough situations. On Thursday in Leadership, we continued our lesson on empathetic listening and added in a layer of public speaking practice! 


Practice for the holiday show is in full swing, taking up all the spare minutes we can find, when we aren’t engrossed in our learning! Our music classes were spent practicing songs for the show, and art classes have been used for prop and set design. Line rehearsal seems to happen at all the moments in between. Friday was a huge day for us, as it was the first time we had a full uninterrupted hour on the stage! We are only 10 days away and we can feel the excitement growing with each passing moment. 

Towards the end of this week, our class started discussing Hanukkah, which began on Thursday. We discussed our own families traditions and how they may differ from others, and what traditions and foods Hanukkah has in those families that choose to celebrate. Our fifth graders have found a new found passion for the dreidel game, asking to play it during snack breaks, but luckily we were only using math markers and not coins or candy! 

On Friday, we had a special guest speaker, Roi Gerson. Roi is a 12th grade student at The Linsly School and his home town is Tel Aviv, Israel. He came to talk to our class about life in Israel, Hanukkah, and their traditions and culture. We embarked on a journey with Roi, as we learned about the various terrain and landscape of Israel, which is vastly different from what many assume is a vast sandy desert. Roi continued to share some insightful information about how the people of Israel are members of all affiliations, and they proudly celebrate all holidays as a town and country. He emphasized to the fifth graders the importance of learning to coexist and being willing to learn about different parts of the world. He also brought along some coffee and various spices straight from Israel, and we passed them around for the students to smell. It certainly seems we have some picky eaters in the class! He also taught the students how to write their name in Hebrew, and boy could you feel the confusion in the room as they watched him write his own language and alphabet from right to left on the board! 

Not only did the fifth graders learn so many new things this week, but they’ve started to realize how many new things there are left to learn. 

-Katie and Kristina