4th Grade Festivities

  • Tuesday, December 19 – WCDS Holiday Show, 4th-grade report to the classroom at 5:30 PM
  • Wednesday, December 20 – Early Dismissal for the Holiday Break, 11:30 AM (NO AFTERCARE)
  • December 21 – January 3 – Holiday Break
  • Thursday, January 4, 2024 – Classes Resume, 10:00 AM

Thank you to the Wolle, Lovell, Powley, Shah, and Harrington families for the treats and supplies for the students on Wednesday! We appreciate your support in making this a fun way to kick off their winter break. 

The students may wear any holiday-themed clothing for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday next week. For the Holiday Show, students will need to wear something Christmas-themed and/or outdoor winter gear. Please remember that the 4th-grade students must arrive at our classroom by 5:30 pm. Our classroom doors will open at 5:25 pm.

We finished our novel study of “The Family Under the Bridge.” We discussed how the main character, Armand, changed throughout the novel. Ask your students to summarize this novel and see what main points they drew from the story. We continued in language arts with a research project titled “Christmas Around the World.” Students were able to pick one country to research how they celebrate Christmas. They started by answering prompts to lead their research and started on their PowerPoint presentations. Next week they will be presenting to the class their findings. We continued with our persuasive writing by identifying the three major arguments for or against certain topics. Students were tasked with creating three different reasons for their opinion on the subject, and after some practice, they became pros! 

We started making triangular prism fractals in class. What’s a fractal, you ask? It’s a series of repeated patterns that never end. We are creating fractal trees in math! We hope to build one large class fractal tree next week. The students continued to work with coordinate pairs and graphing. They graphed patterns for Christmas trees and decorated and assembled them.