Meet the Authors, but Make it ✨Magical✨

Upcoming Dates and Announcements
Wednesday, December 20th 11:30am Dismissal, No Aftercare
Thursday, December 21st-Wednesday, January 3rd Winter Break!
Thursday, January 4th Classes Resume, 10:00am Start

This week has certainly been one for the books… LITERALLY. These authors and illustrators really outdid themselves this time. On Tuesday, SK Rainbow Publishing Company had their very first Book Release. Faculty and students were invited to come and view all of the beautiful books these kiddos have been working so hard on for the past couple of weeks. A few lucky visitors even got to receive an autographed copy of their covers! It was such a fabulous occasion and we are beyond proud of the courage, kindness, and passion this group displayed during the whole process. Thursday night was just a taste of what we get to do together every day of the year, but this time we got to do it with all of you! We welcomed family and friends to come sip on hot cocoa, listen to a story, and build blanket forts. It was like taking all of the great things we get do in the winter, in one night, and all together. Thank you all so much for your love and support throughout all of our days. The magic would not be as magical without each and every single one of you.

Phonics brought us two new letters and sounds, as well as new sight words. It’s hard to believe we’ve got 14 sight words AND 19 letters and sounds under our belts already. We are truly taken away to see these young readers and writers grow each day. In Math we decided to bring back another round of math centers, but this time we included all the concepts we’ve learned thus far. The students are using place value, number writing, sequencing, shapes, ten frames and so much more! We will continue to expand on these centers next week.

As we continue to learn in color, solve problems, and fail forward we take note of something so precious… It really is possible here. It’s kind of our “saying”, but it becomes so much more than just a saying when we see it in action. Every day. All day. All together.

Next week, we REALLY celebrate!
Have a fantastic weekend,
Miss Tylar & Miss Claire